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Graduate Studies

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Graduate Students


Narges Bayani - Bronze age of Iran and Central Asia, formation of frontiers and borders on the Iranian Plateau

Kyle BrunnerArchaeology of the Islamic World, Monasticism of Northern Syria and Iraq, GIS, and Network Theory

Kate JustementArt and cultural history of the Ancient Near East and Anatolia, cultural exchange, archaeology

Alireza KhounaniArchaeology of the Near East and Central Asia, Helleno-Parthian and Romano-Parthian relations, Cultural Hybridity, Landscape Studies and GIS

Nathan LovejoyHistory and Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean, especially Anatolia



Christine RoughanAncient mathematical and scientific texts and their transmission in medieval societies

Georgios TsolakisHistory and archaeology of the Greek and Roman World, construction of identities, ethnicity, social memory, epigraphy

Fanghan WangChinese art history and interaction with Central Asia


Lorenzo CastellanoRelationship between man and environment in the Ancient World


Maria Americo - Ancient science and mathematics and the Medieval preservation of classical texts and the effect of classical heritage on Medieval Islamic thought

David Danzig - Assyriology

Sam Mirelman - Music, performance, and ritual in the ANE

Zoe Misiewicz - Astral Omens in Mesopotamia and the Greco-Roman World: Connections and Contexts

Martin Reznick - Social learning and social order -- a rational choice theory of dispute resolution in Roman Egypt

Anthony SooHoo - Comparative study of religious belief, practice ,and social organization

Irene Soto - Late Antique Egypt, Economic History of the Eastern Roman Empire

Andrea Trameri Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and Hittitology

Jonathan Valk - Processes of identity formation in the ANE, Assyrian history and culture

Shujing Wang - Archaeology and cultural exchange between China and Central Asia

Fan Zhang - Funeral and Buddhist art of early Medieval China; acculturation and deculturation in respect to Chinese and Central Asian art

Yan Zhang - Anthropology, archaeology, and zooarchaeology of the complex societies of East Asia

Heath Seminar 2