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Graduate Studies

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Current Students

First Year

Kexin Dai Art and cultural exchange between China and Central Asia, digital humanities

Amber Jacob - The history of science and medicine, cross-cultural encounters in Graeco-Roman Egypt, papyrology

Katherine Thomson - Premodern economic history, the development of fiscal and monetary institutions, currency debasement

Zhonglin Zhang -  Art and cultural history of China, cultural exchange, occult and its material culture

Second Year

Narges Bayani - Bronze age of Iran and Central Asia, formation of frontiers and borders on the Iranian Plateau

Kyle Brunner - History and archaeology of the Byzantine and Islamic World (7th to 10th centuries), frontier and landscape studies, medieval geography, and GIS

Kate Justement - Art and cultural history of the Ancient Near East and Anatolia, cultural exchange, archaeology

Alireza Khounani - Archaeology of the Near East and Central Asia, Helleno-Parthian and Romano-Parthian relations, cultural hybridity, landscape studies, and GIS

Nathan Lovejoy - History and archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean, especially Anatolia

Third Year

Christine Roughan - Ancient mathematical and scientific texts and their transmission in medieval societies

Georgios Tsolakis - History and archaeology of the Greek and Roman World, construction of identities, ethnicity, social memory, epigraphy

Fanghan Wang - Chinese art history and interaction with Central Asia


Maria Americo - Ancient science and mathematics and the Medieval preservation of classical texts and the effect of classical heritage on Medieval Islamic thought

Lorenzo Castellano - Relationship between man and environment in the Ancient World

David Danzig - Ancient Near Eastern Studies – Ethnic Dynamics in Migratory Scenarios

Sam Mirelman - Music, performance, and ritual in the ANE

Zoe Misiewicz - Astral Omens in Mesopotamia and the Greco-Roman World: Connections and Contexts

Martin Reznick - Social learning and social order -- a rational choice theory of dispute resolution in Roman Egypt

Anthony SooHoo - Comparative study of religious belief, practice ,and social organization

Irene Soto - Late Antique Egypt, Economic History of the Eastern Roman Empire

Andrea Trameri Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and Hittitology

Jonathan Valk - Processes of identity formation in the ANE, Assyrian history and culture

Shujing Wang - Archaeology and cultural exchange between China and Central Asia

Fan Zhang - Funeral and Buddhist art of early Medieval China; acculturation and deculturation in respect to Chinese and Central Asian art

Yan Zhang - Anthropology, archaeology, and zooarchaeology of the complex societies of East Asia