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Graduate Studies

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Graduate Students

Lorenzo Castellano -Relationship between man and environment in the Ancient World

David Danzig - Assyriology

Andrea Trameri - Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and Hittitology

Shujing Wang - Archaeology and cultural exchange between China and Central Asia

Maria Americo - Ancient science and mathematics and the Medieval preservation of classical texts and the effect of classical heritage on Medieval Islamic thought

Sam Mirelman - Music, performance, and ritual in the ANE

Jonathan Valk - Processes of identity formation in the ANE, Assyrian history and culture

Yan Zhang - Anthropology, archaeology, and zooarchaeology of the complex societies of East Asia


Anthony SooHoo - Comparative study of religious belief, practice ,and social organization

Irene Soto - Late Antique Egypt, Economic History of the Eastern Roman Empire

Fan Zhang - Funeral and Buddhist art of early Medieval China; acculturation and deculturation in respect to Chinese and Central Asian art


Randolph Ford - Comparative study of Greco-Roman and Chinese ethnographic traditions and the strategies of cultural and political accommodation between sedentary societies and tribal confederations following imperial collapse

Erik Hermans - Comparison of how classical heritage was dealt with in the Carolingian world, the Byzantine empire, and the Abbasid caliphate (ca. 700-1000 AD)

Zoe Misiewicz - Astral Omens in Mesopotamia and the Greco-Roman World: Connections and Contexts

Martin Reznick - Social learning and social order -- a rational choice theory of dispute resolution in Roman Egypt

Mehrnoush Soroush - Irrigated Landscape of the Mian-ab Plain (Shushtar) in the Late Antique - Early Islamic periods


Heath Seminar 2