Kechu Huang


Kechu Huang received a BA in Anthropology, with a concentration in Archaeology, from Barnard College of Columbia University in 2020. Her thesis explores human-animal interactions and the nature of different animals at Predynastic Hierakonpolis as being conceptualized in the hierarchical spectrum and the cosmos, linked to ancient Egyptian orders. She has also participated in various archaeological field projects: in New Mexico, in Amheida, Egypt, and in Henan and Shaanxi, China.

Her work at ISAW focuses on image making, human-animal-divine relations and kingship in ancient Egyptian and Shang dynasty Chinese contexts. Her dissertation is a comparative study of kingship in Early Dynastic Egypt (c.3200-2686 BC) and Late Shang China (c.1250-1050) across the boundary of death and set within relational networks of humanity, animality and divinity.