Soraya Field Fiorio

Second Year

Soraya Field Fiorio received her BA in Intellectual History from The New School. There, she focused on the history of science during the Enlightenment, tracing the birth of scientific consciousness from Hellenistic philosophy. After studying in Cyprus and Argentina she worked as a writer and editor for the intellectual history publication Lapham's Quarterly and TED-Ed, where she wrote about the Greco-Roman world and ancient Mesopotamia. Together with a team of historians and information architects, she helped develop The New Historia, a feminist historical recovery project based at The New School that connects genealogies of "lost" historical women in an immersive, three-dimensional platform.

While at ISAW, Soraya plans to study the intellectual and religious history of the ancient Near East. She will focus on the transmission of culture from Mesopotamia through Anatolia and the Aegean through the lenses of comparative literature and religion.