Dylan G. Winchell

Fourth Year

Dylan G. Winchell received his BA in Anthropology and Classical Civilizations from New York University in 2020. While at NYU he studied Greek and Latin, as well as Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Classical mediterranean Archaeology. His Senior Honors Thesis, titled "Maritime Networks in the Initial Neolithic Adriatic," sought to develop a new model for the spread of agriculture into the Southern Adriatic c. 6200 BCE using comparative models for early maritime networks, model demographics, and excavated evidence from both coastal and island sites in the South Adriatic.

Dylan's studies have been divided between field/lab work and curatorial internships. He has excavated in Carrascosa del Campo, Spain and Agios Georgios, Cyprus. These projects taught him the foundations of field archaeology, and turned his interests towards the study of ancient maritime networks. He also received museum curatorial training during his internship in Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Spring 2019, where he worked with ceramics excavated at Nishapur in the 1940s.

At ISAW, Dylan is interested in understanding the maritime networks which facilitated both daily life and the political functions of Bronze Age societies in the Eastern Mediterranean. He is also interested in using his knowledge of Greek for the same end, and expanding his knowledge of other Bronze Age languages for the same purpose.