Group of three people looking at books in library ©Kahn: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau ISAW has 11 full-time
faculty members, nine of them in tenured or tenure-ranks. ISAW does not anticipate that its faculty will ever represent more than a fraction of the possible subject areas included in its remit. NYU has an array of programs dealing with the ancient world, including the Institute of Fine Arts and the departments of Anthropology, Art HistoryClassics, Hebrew and Judaic Studies, History, and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. Students in ISAW’s program are able to draw on the strengths of the faculty in these and other departments and to take appropriate courses with them (see affiliated faculty and associated faculty). These faculty members may also take part in examination and dissertation committees.

Daniel Potts speaking from lectern in Lecture Hall ©Kahn: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau In order to enrich scholarly dialogue and its students’ opportunities, the Institute has also developed a network of Senior Fellows drawn from around the world. The Senior Fellows, whether resident in New York City or elsewhere, will advise ISAW students, take part in ISAW seminars, visit the Institute from time to time, and in some cases organize or co-organize conferences held at the Institute.