Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions can be answered by visiting the ISAW Student Handbook.

 Q: Is funding available for admitted students?

A: All students accepted into ISAW’s PhD program are fully funded. This includes coverage of tuition and fees and a living stipend. Please see our Admissions and Financial Aid page for more information.

Q: What are the degree requirements?
A: Only the most basic general requirements are set. Students must complete 72 credit hours, obtain proficiency in at least four languages, successfully complete comprehensive exams and a dissertation, and obtain appropriate teaching and fieldwork experience. The exact course of study is highly individualized and developed with each student’s committee. Please see our Degree Requirements page for more information.

Q: What languages do I need?
A: Students are expected to enter with advanced knowledge of at least two languages (one modern, one ancient) related to their field of study. Students will need to prove proficiency in at least four languages in order to graduate. The specific languages will be decided on by the student’s committee to meet the needs of the student’s program.

Q: Will I take all my courses at ISAW?
A: No, it is expected that students will need to take courses in other departments at NYU, and possibly also other local universities. Students often take courses in the Classics, Middle Eastern & Islamic, History, and Hebrew and Judaic Studies departments, among others. Students' committees regularly include faculty outside ISAW and NYU, and many ISAW students work closely with faculty at other institutions.

Q: What type of workspace will I have?
A: Each student is provided with a carrel workspace in which to work and keep their study materials.

Q: Do you have a Master's program?
A: No, ISAW currently only has a PhD program.

Q: Are letters of recommendation from current ISAW faculty permitted?
A: No, applicants should not include recommendation letters from current ISAW faculty as part of their application.

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