Current Students

First Year

Allyson Blanck - Ancient Medicine, Bioarcheology, Hippocratic and Galenic texts, Surgery, Wound Care

Manolis Mavromatis Minoan Archaeology; Post-Colonial Archaeology; Digital Humanities; Museology; Aegean Prehistory; Critical approaches to cultural appropriation; Critical approaches to the idea of continuation; Decolonisation of Minoan Archaeology; Interdisciplinary Archaeology; The relationship between Archaeology and evolving technologies; Critical approaches to current practices in archaeological exhibitions

Vikentiy Parshuto - Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Central Asia, mostly Tukharistan and Sogdiana; Historical and Socio-Economic context of Bactrian Documents from Northern Afghanistan; Iranian Archaeology; Steppe Archaeology

Tianrui Zhu Political economy of the Eurasian steppes and peripheries; archaeology of Central, Inner, and East Asia; transmission of technology in the ancient world; biomolecular archaeology; archaeomaterials; statistics and programming

Second Year

Yu Song - Middle Bronze Age Mesopotamia; art history and archaeology of ancient Near East; social and cultural history; Assyriology and Akkadian; cross-regional exchange and cultural transmission in Mesopotamia

Leopoldo Zampiccoli - Late Bronze and Iron Age Anatolia and Levant; socio-cultural history; memory studies; cross-disciplinary approaches to writing and language; narratives, identities, and cultural interactions in the eastern Mediterranean; heritage and contemporary arts

Third Year

Lylaah Bhalerao - Decolonisation of ancient Mediterranean art and heritage; colonial interpretations of the ancient world in the nineteenth century; cross-cultural interaction between the ancient Mediterranean and ancient India; the relationship between the 'classical' and the Islamic in the east Mediterranean; heritage studies; ancient art on display and in museums

Braden Cordivari - Iron Age Anatolia and Greece; Metallurgy; Pyrotechnology; Craft production; Archaeological science (inorganic materials); Human-environment relationships

Samantha Rainford - Intellectual and social history of the ancient Near East; Late Bronze Age Syria; peripheral Mesopotamia; law concerning gender; family law and household religion; second and first millennium Mesopotamia; the intersection of law and religion in historiographical, legal, and ritual texts and practices; legal and religious motifs in textual evidence

Jingyi Zhou - Multiculturalism and Identity in Late Antique and Early Medieval Eurasia; Early and Medieval China; North, East, and Central Asian Art, Archaeology, and Civilizations; Funerary and Religious Practices; Cultural Exchange, State Formation, Military Forces and Frontier Management

Fourth Year

Soraya Field Fiorio - Intellectual history of the ancient Near East; history of literature, science, and religion; transmission of culture and memory from Mesopotamia through Anatolia and the Aegean

Dylan G. Winchell - Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean; Early seafaring technology and maritime networks; Societal collapse, transition, and adaptation


Ida Adsbøl Christensen - Cross-cultural exchange and knowledge transmission in Graeco-Roman Egypt; Ancient Egyptian divination and the history of astrological theory and practice; The development of ancient sciences; Egyptology; Papyrology

Nour Ammari - Late antique and early Islamic visual expression; cultural identity formation; historiography; art history and theory; reception studies; iconoclasm

Priya Barchi - Cultural hybridity and Hellenistic identity in Bactria and the Northern Indian Subcontinent during the Kushan period; Archaeology and cultural history of South Asia; and Indo-Roman trade relations

Narges Bayani - Bronze age of Iran and Central Asia, formation of frontiers and borders on the Iranian Plateau

Kyle Brunner - The History and Archaeology of the Late Antique and Early Islamic Middle East, 5th – 10th centuries; Muslim-Christian Relations, Transmission of Ancient Agronomy, and the Reception of Ancient History in Arabic and Syriac Texts

Mariana Castro - Hellenistic East, Pre-Islamic “Silk Roads,” ancient globalization, landscape archaeology, digital technologies

Emily Everest-Phillips - Cultural and intellectual history of "Eurasian late antiquity"; Sasanian Iranian diaspora in Central Asia and China; movement of ideas and peoples across linguistic and cultural boundaries; cosmologies and cultural geographies

Emily Frank - Conservation of Material Culture; Art, Archaeology, and Cultural History of the Ancient Mediterranean; Technical Imaging; Scientific Analysis; Digital Humanities

Kechu Huang - Archaeology and social history of Pharaonic Egypt and Early China; State formation and transformation; Ritualized violence; Divine kingship; Societal unrest

Amber Jacob - The history of science and medicine, cross-cultural encounters in Graeco-Roman Egypt, papyrology

Kate Justement - Art and cultural history of the Ancient Near East and Anatolia, cultural exchange, archaeology

Alireza Khounani - Archaeology of the Near East and Central Asia, Helleno-Parthian and Romano-Parthian relations, cultural hybridity, landscape studies, and GIS

Shannon Monroe Late Antique and Early Medieval Central Asia; bioarchaeology; homeplace and displacement; frontier formation and mobility in the ancient world; pedagogically situating "Central Asia" in a World History context; theories of embodiment; history of monasticism; history of movement (biologically and culturally); experimental history writing

Ryan Schnell - Cultural history of Anatolia and the Ancient Near East, Religious and Cultural Exchange and Transmission

Christina Stefanou - History and Archaeology of Greece and the Mediterranean, cultural interactions and socioeconomic processes between the Aegean populations and non-European societies, Early Iron Age and Archaic Crete

Katherine Thomson - Premodern economic history, the development of fiscal and monetary institutions, currency debasement

Mi Wang - Archaeology and history of China; cultural exchange and social memory between non- and Central Plains societies in China; archaeological sciences; social identity; cultural heritage management

Zhonglin Zhang -  Art and cultural history of China, cultural exchange, occult and its material culture