Mariana Castro

First Year

Mariana Castro received a BA in Archaeology and Asian Studies (Honors) from Brigham Young University, where she focused on Classical and Chinese history, language, and archaeology. During her master’s degree at the University of Oxford—which she attended as an Ertegun Scholar—Mariana enriched her knowledge of the Hellenistic and Roman periods and engaged more directly with the fields of landscape and frontier archaeology, geographical information systems, and site management and protection. Her MPhil dissertation was entitled “The Function of the Roman Army in Southern Arabia Petraea” and was done in cooperation with the EAMENA and APAAME Oxford-based projects. This capstone project employed a landscape approach unprecedented in the region and used a variety of digital resources to map and model the ancient system of fortifications, settlements, and trade routes. Meanwhile, Mariana has participated in several archaeological field projects in the USA, Belize, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, and Egypt, most directly concerning long-distance trade and exchange.

At ISAW, Mariana hopes to better understand the eastwards spread of Hellenism, modern approaches to ancient globalization, and the modus operandi of Eurasian trade during the three centuries before and after the Common Era.