Visiting Graduate Students

ISAW under certain circumstances hosts graduate students visiting for a period (up to one academic year) from other universities. These should be doctoral students conducting independent research for their dissertations and needing to consult extensively with one or more members of the ISAW faculty. Requests from students not fitting these criteria but needing to use unique library holdings at ISAW will be considered in exceptional cases.

ISAW’s ability to host visiting graduate students depends on the availability and willingness of the relevant faculty member and on the Institute’s ability to provide working space to the visitor. Applications from prospective visiting graduate students therefore require the approval of both the faculty member and of the Director. These should be obtained no later than three months before the beginning of the planned stay at ISAW and preferably earlier.

It is not possible for ISAW to provide any financial support for visiting graduate students, nor to arrange their visas, housing, or medical insurance. These are the responsibility of the visiting student. Where ISAW must issue a letter of invitation or complete official invitation forms for an external funder (e.g., the Fulbright program or a foreign government), the request for this letter must be made at least three months before the date on which it is required.

To apply for visiting graduate student status, students should submit to the Director a curriculum vitae, research proposal, letter of recommendation from their primary adviser, and (if they are not native speakers of English and have not graduated from an anglophone institution) evidence of competence in English, defined as either a TOEFL score of 106 or a IELTS score of 7.5.