Burial assemblage

A flat disk with a woman wearing a gown and a man on horseback. A wreath with multiple leaves and and female figure at center. Twenty-nine disks with rosette decorations. A horse-head vessel with a handle and a neck decorated with a hunting scene. A columnar form with a human face and decorations to suggest hair and jewelry as well depicting a centaur holding a small animal and a bird standing on a rabbit. A string of cylindrical beads. Twelve ornaments in various abstract and stylized animal forms. A pitcher, a bucket, and a shallow pan with a ring on one side. Four saucers. Two jugs. One broad cup with a shallow body and two handles. One large globular pot with two horizontal handles. Two deep cups, each with two horizontal loop handles and painted with figures.

Burial assemblage with signet-ring, wreath with rosette appliqués, greave, horse-head appliqués, string of beads, jug, skifoi vessels, rhyton, pan, situla, phialae, kylix, kantharos, and jugs

Gold, silver gilt, silver, bronze, ceramic
Wreath with rosette appliqués (29) Diameter of wreath: 19 cm, Maximum length of leaves: 4.6 cm, Diameter of appliqués: 2.1 cm; Signet-ring Ring diameter: 2 cm, Bezel diameter: 2.5 cm; Greave Length: 44.5 cm, Maximum width: 10.7 cm; Rhyton Height: 17 cm, Rim diameter: 9.9 cm; Horse head appliqués (12) Silver Length: 4.2–7.4 cm, Width: 2.5–7.2 cm; String of beads Length of beads: 0.8–1.2 cm; Phialae (4) Height: 4.5–5 cm, Rim diameter: 10.6–13.7 cm; Situla Height: 21.2 cm, Rim diameter: 19.9 cm, Base diameter: 11.8 cm; Jug Height: 24.4 cm, Maximum diameter: 14.4 cm, Base diameter: 11.1 cm; Tray Bronze Height: 5.3 cm, Diameter: 35.9 cm; Skifos vessel Height: 11 cm, Rim diameter: 12 cm, Base diameter: 6 cm; Skifos vessel Height: 10.8 cm, Rim diameter: 12.4 cm, Base diameter: 6.8 cm
Zlatinitsa-Malomirovo, Bulgaria
375–325 BCE
Inventory Number:
52189, 51344–51346, 51350–51355, 51359¬–51360, 50453–50455, 50457, 50456, 50869–50872, 51361, 51362, 51369, 51366, 52190, 61763
National History Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria:
Photo © Field Museum, photographer Ádám Vágó