Burial assemblage

Five long strings and one short string of beads made of shell, animal bone or tooth, and marble. Five narrow rings and one wide bangle. One finger ring and six arm rings.

Burial assemblage including headdress, necklaces, ring, armrings, beaded waistbelt, and foot adornment

Spondylus shell, deer and animal bone or tooth, and marble
Headdress Length: 0.9–2.0 cm, Diameter: 0.9–1.4 cm; Necklace Length: 0.2–2.4 cm, Diameter: 0.3–1.4 cm; Necklace Length: 0.2–1.1 cm, Diameter: 0.3–0.6 cm; Armrings from the right upper arm (3) Diameter: 8.1–8.4 × 7.5–9.5 cm, Width: 0.8–3.9 cm; Armrings from the left upper arm (3) Diameter: 7.5–9.8 × 7.5–8.6 cm, Width: 0.4–1.8 cm; Ring from a right-hand finger Diameter: 2.5 cm, Thickness: 0.4 cm; Girdle of beads around the waist Length: 0.8–1.5 cm, Diameter: 0.9–1.6 cm; Beads from around the left foot Length: 0.3–0.4 cm, Diameter: 0.4 cm
Polgár-Csőszhalom, feature 836/1827, Hungary
4900–4600 BCE
Inventory Number:
Gy.sz. 2019.1–2019.11, 2019.14, 2019.15
Déri Museum, Debrecen, Hungary
Photo © Field Museum, photographer Ádám Vágó