Architectural model

A hollow rectilinear form with a roof and perforated by large holes. Four slightly convex disks of varying sizes. The three largest have large holes in the center. All have two holes along one edge. A chain of small rings. Tubular beads strung on a wire.

Architectural model and hoard

Ceramic and gold
Architectural model Length: 31 cm, Width: 17 cm, Height: 21 cm; Anthropomorphic pendants (3) Length: 2.2–5.5 cm, Width: 2.7–4.4 cm; Disc Diameter: 1.4 cm; Chained rings Length: 7.1 cm, Diameter of rings: 1.1 cm; Saltaleoni Length: 1.9–6.5 cm
Sultana-Malu Roşu, Romania
4500–4000 BCE
Inventory Number:
10625, 8651–8658
The Museum of Gumelnița Culture, Oltenița, Romania
Photo © Field Museum, photographer Ádám Vágó