Gonzalo Rubio

Gonzalo Rubio is an Assyriologist, who also works on comparative Semitics. He earned his doctorate from The Johns Hopkins University in 1999. He also holds licentiates in Classics and in Semitics from the Complutense University in Madrid.

Rubio has published a number of scholarly contributions on Sumerian grammar and literature, early Semitic languages (particularly Eblaite), comparative Semitic linguistics, and various aspects of language contact in the Ancient Near East. His edition of the Sumerian literary corpus from the Ur III period (late third millennium) will be published soon. He is currently working on a volume on Sumerian grammar and a project on Early Dynastic literary texts from Ebla and Mesopotamia.

Rubio is the editor-in-chief of the monograph series Languages of the Ancient Near East (published by Eisenbrauns) and Studies in Ancient Near Eastern Records (published by De Gruyter).  He also served as the Ancient Near Eastern Chair of the American Oriental Society (2006-2012).