Felix Pirson

After studies in classical archaeology, art history, ancient history and prehistory at Bonn, Cologne, Munich and Cambridge, Felix Pirson earned his PhD in classical archaeology at Munich in 1996. After that, he worked as research assistant at the Rome branch of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) and as Assistant Professor at Leipzig University.

His research interests include ancient urbanism and the spatial organisation of ancient cities, domestic space, the archaeology of the Vesuvian cities and of Pergamon as well as ancient relief sculpture and the depiction of war and violence in ancient art.

He is director both of the Istanbul branch of the DAI and of the Pergamon Excavations. He teaches at the Istanbul Technical University and at Leipzig University, where he became Honorary Professor of Classical Archaeology in 2010. He is a corresponding member of the Archaeological Institute of America, member of several editorial boards, and editor of various periodicals and series.