Charles Burnett

Charles Burnett has devoted his academic life to documenting, editing, and translating scientific and philosophical texts that were translated into Latin in the Middle Ages, especially those that were originally written in Arabic. Collections of his key articles on these subjects have appeared under the titlesMagic and Divination in the Middle Ages: Texts and Techniques in the Islamic and Christian Worlds (1996), Arabic into Latin in the Middle Ages: The Translators and their Intellectual and Social Context (2009), and Numerals and Arithmetic in the Middle Ages (2010). Ongoing projects include the editions of the Arabic and Latin versions (together with an English translation) of the major astrological works of Abu Ma'shar (with Keiji Yamamoto), and the cataloguing of all the medieval Latin translations of texts on astronomy and astrology (with David Juste). Other interests include the Jesuit Latin culture in sixteenth-century Japan and medieval music theory and practice.