Karen Rubinson

Karen S. Rubinson is an art historian and archaeologist specializing in the steppe and Central Asia in the first millennium BCE and early first millennium CE and the South Caucasus in the Bronze Age and Early Iron Ages.  One focus of her work is how objects of artistic production can help understand cultural contact and exchange; another is gender questions in the Eurasian Iron Age.  As leader of the Lost Wax/Lost Textile Working Group, Dr. Rubinson has organized international workshops to bring scholars together to investigate this widespread and distinctive technology, which is found, inter alia, among objects in the Hermitage's Peter the Great gold collection, on the Chinese borderlands, and at Tillya Tepe in Afghanistan.  Recent edited volumes book include Are All Warriors Male? Gender Roles in the Ancient Eurasian Steppe, with Katheryn M. Linduff and Ceramics in Transitions: Chalcolithic Through Iron Age in the Highlands of the Southern Caucasus and Anatolia, with Antonio Sagona.  She is President of the American Research Institute of the South Caucasus (ARISC). Her Ph.D. in art history and archaeology is from Columbia University.