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Classical Antiquity & Western Europe

Egypt & North Africa

The Ancient Near East & Asia Minor

The Caucasus

Russia & Central Asia

South & East Asia

Cross-Cultural Studies & Other


Classical Antiquity & Western Europe

Exegesis and empire in the early Byzantine Mediterranean: Junillus Africanus and the Instituta regularia divinae legis. Michael Maas; with a contribution by Edward G. Mathews, Jr.; with the Latin text established by Heinrich Kihn translated by Michael Maas.
Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum (ISSN: 1436-3003); 17 = Studies and texts in antiquity and Christianity; 17. Tübingen [Germany]: Mohr Siebeck, c2003. Small Collection: BT95 .J8613 2003. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

Silver coinage with the types of Aesillas the Quaestor. By Robert A. Bauslaugh.
Numismatic studies (ISSN: 0517-404X); 22. New York: American Numismatic Society, 2000. Large Collection: CJ546 .B38 2000. 

The Roman inscriptions of Britain. By R.G. Collingwood and R.P. Wright.
Oxford: Clarendon Press/Oxbow Books, 1965-<2009>. 3 volumes in 11. Large Collection: CN590 .C65 1965 v.1-3.

Водач по дунавския Римски Лимес в североизточна България = Guide along the Danube Roman Limes in Northeastern Bulgaria. [сост. и ред. Николай Ненов].
Ruse: TC Grup OOD, [1914]. Small Collection: DJK76.5 .V64 2014. 

Graffiti from the Basilica in the Agora of Smyrna. Edited by Roger S. Bagnall, Roberta Casagrande-Kim, Akın Ersoy, and Cumhur Tanrıver, with a contribution by Burak Yolaçan.
New York: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World and New York University Press, 2016. Large Collection: DS51.I9 G73 2016. 

Roman mosaics of Britain. David S. Neal and Stephen R. Cosh.
London: Illuminata Publishers for the Society of Antiquaries of London, 2002-2010. 4 volumes in 5. Large Collection: NA3770 .N434 2002 v.1-4.

A companion to linear B: Mycenaean Greek texts and their world, v. 2. Edited by Yves Duhoux and Anna Morpurgo Davies.
Bibliothèque des Cahiers de l'Institut de linguistique de Louvain (ISSN: 0779-1666); 120, 127, 133Antiquité. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium; Dudley, MA: Peeters, 2007-<2014>. 1 volume (of 3). Small Collection: P1038 .C66 2008 v.2. 

The Greek anthology, v. 1. Translated by W.R. Paton.
[New edition]. Loeb classical library; LCL 67. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2014. Reference 3 Collection: PA3612.A2 A25 2014 v.1.

Early Greek philosophy, v. 1-8. Edited and translated by André Laks and Glenn W. Most; in collaboration with Gérard Journée; and assisted by Leopoldo Iribarren and David Lévystone.
Loeb classical library; 524-532. Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England: Harvard University Press, 2016. 8 volumes. Reference 3 Collection: PA3612.A22 A225 2016 v.1-8.

On the constitution of the art of medicine; The art of medicine; A method of medicine to Glaucon. Galen; edited and translated by Ian Johnston.
Loeb classical library; 523. Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England: Harvard University Press, 2016. Reference 3 Collection: PA3612.G3 G35 2016. 

Theocritus, Moschus, Bion. Edited and translated by Neil Hopkinson.
Loeb classical library; LCL 28. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2015. Reference 3 Collection: PA3612.T35 T35 2015. 

Confessions, v. 2. Augustine; edited and translated by Carolyn J.-B. Hammond.
Loeb classical library; 26-27. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2014-2016. Reference 3 Collection: PA6156.A8 A848 2014 v.2.

Civil war. Caesar; edited and translated by Cynthia Damon.
Loeb classical library; 39. Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England: Harvard University Press, 2016. Reference 3 Collection: PA6156.C3 C42 2016. 

Sallust, v. 2. Sallust; translated by J.C. Rolfe; revised by John T. Ramsey.
Loeb classical library; 116, 522. Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England: Harvard University Press, 2013-2015. Reference 3 Collection: PA6156.S3 S3 2013 v.2.

Silvae. Statius; edited and translated by D.R. Shackleton Bailey; with corrections by Christopher A. Parrott.
Corrected edition. Loeb classical library; 206. Statius; I. Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England: Harvard University Press, 2015. Reference 3 Collection: PA6156.S7 S73 2015. 

New approaches to Sidonius Apollinaris. Edited by Johannes A. van Waarden and Gavin Kelly.
Late antique history and religion; 7. Leuven: Peeters, 2013. Small Collection: PA6694.S8 N48 2013. 

Wearing the cloak: dressing the soldier in Roman times. Edited by Marie-Louise Nosch.
Ancient textiles series; 10. Oxford, UK: Oxbow Books; Oakville, CT: David Brown Book Co., ©2012. Small Collection: UC465.R65 W43 2012. 

Byzantine numismatic bibliography, 1950-1965. By Joel L. Malter.
Argonaut library of antiquities. Chicago: Argonaut, 1968. Small Collection: Z6869.B9 M3 1968. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

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Egypt & North Africa

Abusir VI: Djedkare's family cemetery. Miroslav Verner, Vivienne G. Callender; with a contribution by Eugen Strouhal.
1st ed. Excavations of the Czech Institute of Egyptology. Prague: Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, 2002. Large Collection: DT73.A14 A28 v.6 2002. 

Abusir XII: minor tombs in the royal necropolis I: (the Mastabas of Nebtyemneferes and Nakhtsare, Pyramid Complex Lepsius no. 24 and Tomb Complex Lepsius no. 25). Jaromir Krejčí, Vivienne G. Callender, Miroslav Verner; with contributions by Victor Černý [and others].
Excavations of the Czech Institute of Egyptology. Prague: Czech Institute of Egyptology, 2008. Large Collection: DT73.A14 A28 v.12 2008.  

Abusir XVI: Sahure--the pyramid causeway: history and decoration program in the Old Kingdom. Tarek El Awady.
Prague: Charles University in Prague, 2009. 2 volumes. Large Collection: DT73.A14 A28 v.16 2009 text & plates.

Abusir XXII: the tomb of Kaiemtjenenet (as 38) and the surrounding structures (as 57-60). Hana Vymazalová; with contributions by Katarína Arias Kytnarová, Jaromír Beneš, Aleš Bezděk, Helena Březinová, Adéla Pokorná, Zdeňka Sůvová, Hana Šuláková, Ladislav Varadzin, Pavla Zedníková Malá.
Excavations of the Czech Institute of Egyptology. Prague: Charles University in Prague Faculty of Arts, 2011. Large Collection: DT73.A14 A28 v.22 2011. 

A prosopography of Byzantine Aphrodito. By Giovanni Roberto Ruffini.
American studies in papyrology; 50. Durham, N.C.: American Society of Papyrologists, c2011. Large Collection: DT73.A75 R85 2011. 

The tomb of Pharaoh's Chancellor Senneferi at Thebes (TT99), vol. 1. Edited by Nigel Strudwick; with contributions by Helen Strudwick [and seven others]; and appendices by Julie Dawson and Bridget Leach.
Oxford: Oxbow Books, 2016-. Large Collection: DT73.D45 T65 2016 v.1.

Eгипетский портрет I-IV вeков. В. В. Пaвлов.
Iz istorii mirovogo iskusstva. Moskva: Iskusstvo, 1967. Large Collection: ND1327.E3 P33 1967. 

Papiri dell'Università di Genova (PUG), v. 4 & 5. A cura di Mario Amelotti e Livia Zingale Migliardi.
Università di Genova, Fondazione nobile Agostino Poggi; 10. Papyrologica Florentina; VI, XX, XLVI. Milano: Dott. A. Giuffrè Editore, 1974-<2016>. 2 volumes (of 5). Large Collection: PA3310 .G45 v.4-5 2015-2016.

Un codex fiscal hermopolite: (P. Sorb. II 69). Jean Gascou.
American studies in papyrology; 32. Atlanta, Ga.: Scholars Press, c1994. Large Collection: PA3315.H475 G38 1994. 

The Oxyrhynchus papyri, v. 16 & 58.
Egypt Exploration Fund. Graeco-Roman Branch memoirs; 1-2, 5-6, 8-16. Graeco-Roman memoirs (ISSN: 0306-9222). London: Sold at the Offices of the Egypt Exploration Fund, 1898-<2016>. 2 volumes. Large Collection: PA3315.O83 O86 1898 v. 16 & 58.

Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Papyrology. Edited by Tomasz Derda, Adam Łajtar, Jakub Urbanik; in cooperation with Andrzej Merończuk, Grzegorz Ochała.
Journal of juristic papyrology. Supplement; XXVIII. Warsaw: Journal of Juristic Papyrology, 2016. 3 volumes. Small Collection: PA3339 .I5 2013 v.1-3.

E sì d'amici pieno: omaggio di studiosi italiani a Guido Bastianini per il suo settantesimo compleanno. A cura di Angelo Casanova, Gabriella Messeri, Rosario Pintaudi.
Papyrologica florentina; XLV. Firenze: Edizioni Gonnelli, 2016. 2 volumes. Large Collection: PA3341 .E14 2016 v.1-2.

Préhistoires de l'écriture: iconographie, pratiques graphiques et émergence de l'écrit dans l'Egypte prédynastique = Prehistories of writing: iconography, graphic practices and emergence of writing in Predynastic Egypt. Sous la direction de Gwenola Graff & Alejandro Jimenez Serrano.
Préhistoires de la Méditerranée. Aix-en-Provence: Presses universitaires de Provence, 2016. Large Collection: PJ1105 .P74 2016. 

À l'école des scribes: les écritures de l'Égypte ancienne. Sous la direction de Laure Bazin Rizzo, Annie Gasse, Frédéric Servajean.
CENiM; 15. Cinisello Balsamo, Milano: SilvanaEditoriale, [2016]. Large Collection: PJ1501 .A16 2016. 

Papyrus de la Sorbonne: (P.Sorb. IV no 145-160). Marie-Pierre Chaufray & Stéphanie Wackenier, dir.
Papyrologica parisina; IV. Paris: Presses de l'Université Paris-Sorbonne, 2016. Large Collection: PJ1661.B53 P37 2016. 

Catan collectors edition: ancient Egypt. Klaus Teubner.
Skokie, IL: Mayfair Games, [2014]. Reference 3 Collection: MEDIA 1605. 

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The Ancient Near East & Asia Minor

Religion in the Achaemenid Persian empire: emerging Judaisms and trends. Edited by Diana Edelman, Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley, and Philippe Guillaume.
Orientalische Religionen in der Antike (ISSN: 1869-0513); 17. Tübingen, Germany: Mohr Siebeck, [2016]. Small Collection: BM176 .R448 2016. 

Methoden zur Restaurierung von ungebrannten und gebrannten Keilschrifttafeln: gestern und heute. Carmen Gütschow.
Berliner Beiträge zum Vorderen Orient; 22. Gladbeck: PeWe-Verlag, 2012. Small Collection: CC137.C5 G88 2012. 

Sasanian clay sealings in the Bandar Abbas Museum. Kamal Aldin Niknami, Sona Naderi.
BAR international series; 2819. Oxford: BAR Publishing, 2016. Large Collection: CD5344 .N55 2016. 

Antiguo Oriente, v. 13.
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Departamento de Historia, 2015. Oak Collection: DS56 .A684 v.13 2015.

Der Anu-Adad-Tempel in Assur. Peter Werner.
Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft; (ISSN: 0342-4464); 145. Ausgrabungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft in Assur. A, Baudenmäler aus Assyrischer Zeit; Band 15. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2016. Oversize Collection: DS70.5.A7 W47 2016. 

Месопотамия и Иран в VII-IV вв. до н.э.: социальные институты и идеология. М.А. Дандамаев.
a "Istoricheskie issledovania". Sankt-Peterburg: Fakulʹtet filologii i isskusstv SPbGU, 2009. Small Collection: DS71 .D363 2009. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Mari, annales de recherches interdisciplinaires, t.1.
Paris: Editions Recherche sur les civilisations, 1982-1997. Large Collection: DS99.M3 M33 t.1 (1982).

Tell el-Mazar II: excavations on the mound 1977-1981: field I. Khair Yassine, Eveline van der Steen.
BAR international series; 2430. Oxford: Archaeopress, ©2012. Large Collection: DS154.9.M39 Y38 2012. 

Очерки социально-политической истории Малой Азии в I-III вв.: (независимая сельская община). Е.С. Голубцова.
Moskva: Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1962. Small Collection: DS155 .G653 1962. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

The letter of love and concord: a revised diplomatic edition with historical and textual comments and English translation. By Zaroui Pogossian.
The medieval Mediterranean: peoples, economies and cultures, 400-1500; 88. Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2010. Small Collection: DS156.C5 L4713 2010. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

Tang-e Bolaghi (Fars), sites TB76 and TB77: rural settlements of the Achaemenid and post-Achaemenid periods: report of the archaeological rescue excavations carried out in 2005 and 2006 by the joint Iranian-Italian mission of the Iranian Center for Archaeological Research and the University of Bologna, with the collaboration of IsIAO, Italy. Alireza Askari Chaverdi, Pierfrancesco Callieri; with contributions by M.L. Amadori [and 19 others].
BAR international series; 2799. Oxford, United Kingdom: British Archaeological Reports Ltd., 2016. Large Collection: DS262.F38 A84 2016. 

A preliminary report on Marlik excavation: Gohar Rud Expedition, Rudbar, 1961-1962 = گزارش مقدمات حفريات مارلىک (چراغعلى تپه): هيت حفارى رودبار، ١٣۴٠-١٣۴١ . By Ezat O. Negahban = بقلم دکتر عازت الله نگهبان استاد دانشگاه تهران.
Tehran, Iran: Joint Publication of the Iranian Archcological [sic] Service and the Institute of Archaeology, University of Tehran, Iran, 1964. Large Collection: DS262.M37 N43 1964. 

История Мидии: от древнейших времен до конца IV века до н. э.. И.М. Дьяконов; под редакцией С.Р. Тохтасьева и В.А. Якобсона.
Izd. 2-e, dop. Seri
a "Istoricheskie issledovania". Sankt-Peterburg: Filologicheskiĭ fakulʹtet Sankt-Peterburgskogo gos. universiteta, 2008. Small Collection: DS278 .D53 2008. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Excavating an empire: Achaemenid Persia in Longue Durée. Edited by Touraj Daryaee, Ali Mousavi and Khodadad Rezakhani.
Costa Mesa, California: Mazda Publishers, 2014. Large Collection: DS281 .E82 2014. 

Hajji Firuz Tepe, Iran: the Neolithic settlement. Mary M. Voigt; Faunal remains, by Richard H. Meadow; contributions by Jean Turnquist, John Winter, and Eric Parkinson.
Hasanlu excavation reports; 1. University Museum monograph; 50. Philadelphia: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, 1983. Large Collection: GN776.32.I7 V64 1983. 

The role of women in work and society in the ancient Near East. Edited by Brigitte Lion and Cécile Michel.
Studies in ancient Near Eastern records; 13. Boston: De Gruyter, [2016]. Small Collection: HQ1137.M628 R65 2016. 

Islamic art and architecture, 650-1250. Richard Ettinghausen, Oleg Grabar and Marilyn Jenkins-Madina.
[2nd ed.]. Yale University Press Pelican history of art. New Haven, London: Yale University Press, 2001. Large Collection: N6260 .E79 2001. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

Mémoires d'Euphrate et d'Arabies. Photographies Jean-Louis Nou; textes, Pierre Amiet [and others].
Art et archéologie au Proche-Orient. Paris: Hatier, 1991. Oversize Collection: N7265 .M46 1991. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

In search of a cultural identity: monuments and artifacts of the Sasanian Near East, 3rd to 7th century A.D.. By Prudence O. Harper.
Biennial Ehsan Yarshater lecture series; 2. New York: Bibliotheca Persica, 2006. Small Collection: N7283 .H345 2006. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

Études anatoliennes. Emmanuel Laroche; recueillies par Alfonso Archi et Hatice Gonnet; avec la collaboration de Patrick M. Michel et Giulia Torri.
Subartu; XXXVII. Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2016. Large Collection: P944 .L37 2016. 

Cypro-Minoan inscriptions, v. 2. Silvia Ferrara.
Oxford studies in ancient culture and representation. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 2012-2013. 1 volume (of 2). Large Collection: P1039 .F47 2012 v.2.

Current research in cuneiform palaeography: proceedings of the workshop organised at the 60th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Warsaw 2014. Edited by Elena Devecchi, Gerfried G.W. Müller, Jana Mynářová.
Gladbeck: PeWe-Verlag, 2015. Small Collection: PJ3211 .R46 2014. 

A dictionary of the Ugaritic language in the alphabetic tradition. By Gregorio del Olmo Lete, Joaquin Sanmartin; Translated and Edited by Wilfred G.E. Watson.
Third Revised Edition. Handbook of oriental studies. Section 1, The Near and Middle East; 112 =Handbuch der Orientalistik. Leiden; Boston: Brill, [2015]. 2 volumes. Reference 4 Collection: PJ4150.Z5 O4613 2015b pt.1-2.

فهرست توصيفى گنجينه دستنويسهاى پهلوى و پژوهشهاى ايرانى = A descriptive catalogue of "The Pahlavi codics and Iranian researches". مينا کامبين.
Chāp-i avval. Yādgār-i bāstān; 4. Tihrān: Jāmī, 2015. Small Collection: PK6192 .K36 2015. 

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The Caucasus

La mémoire indo-européenne du Caucase. Georges Charachidzé.
Textes du XXe siècle. [Paris?]: Hachette, c1987. Small Collection: BL980.C38 C43 1987. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

A concordance of the Armenian Apocryphal Adam books. Michael E. Stone.
Hebrew University Armenian studies; 1. Leuven [Belgium]; Sterling, Va.: Peeters, 2001. Small Collection: BS1830.A262 S76 2001. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

Lives and legends of the Georgian saints selected and translated from the original texts by David Marshall Lang.
Ethical and religious classics of East and West 15. London: Allen & Unwin, New York: Macmillan, 1956. Small Collection: BX669.A1 L3 1956. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

Monumentum Gregorianum: сборник нaучных статей пaияти aкaдемикa Григория Максимовичa Бонгард-Левинa. Oтв. рeдaктoр A.И. Ивaнчик.
Moskva: Grani
sa, 2013. Small Collection: CB311 .M65 2013. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Пoгребальные oбряды нaрoдoв Зaкaвкaзья: кувшинные пoгребения VIII в. дo н.э.-VIII в н.э.. A.И. Нoнешвили.
Tbilisi: "Me
sniereba", 1992. Small Collection: DK509 .N57 1992. 

Дрeвнейшие памятники Двина. K.Х. Kушнарева.
Erevan: Izd-vo AN Arm
anskoĭ SSR, 1977. Large Collection: DK689.5.D84 K85 1977. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Северный Кавказ. [ответственные редакторы: Е.П. Маслов, А.И. Гозулов, С.Н. Рязанцев].
Moskva: Gos. izd-vo geogr. lit-ry, 1957. Small Collection: HC337.C33 S48 1957. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Die Kirche von Achtamar; Bauplastik im Leben des Lichtes. [von] M.S. Ipʼsiroğlu.
Berlin und Mainz: F. Kupferberg, [1963]. Small Collection: NA5871.A45 I6 1963. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

Грузинская литература. А.Г. Барамидзе, Д.М. Гамезардашвили.
Tbilisi: Izd. Tbilis. unt-ta, 1968. Small Collection: PK9160 .B23 1968. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

Catalogue of the Armenian manuscripts in the Cambridge University Library. By S. Peter Cowe.
Corpus scriptorum Christianorum orientalium; 546Subsidia; t. 86. Lovanii: E. Peeters, 1994. Small Collection: Z6605.A7 C685 1994. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

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Russia & Central Asia

Новые методы археологических исследований: сборник научных трудов. [редколлегия В.Ф. Генинг, Е.П. Бунятян, С.В. Смирнов).
Kiev: Nauk. dumka, 1982. Small Collection: CC75 .N68 1982. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Aнтология советской aрхеологии, t. 1. Под редакцией В.И. Гуляева, Н.Я. Meрперта (oтветственный рeдактор) [and 2 others].
Moskva: Institut arkheologii RAN, Gos. istoricheskiĭ muzeĭ, 1995-. Large Collection: CC101.S65 A58 1995 t.1. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Хрoнoлoгия пaмятников карасукской эпохи. Н.Л. Члeнoвa.
Materialy i issledovani
a po arkheologii SSSR; 182. Moskva: "Nauka", 1972. Large Collection: DK30 .M3 no.182. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Скифы и сарматы в VII-III вв. дo н.э.: палеоэкология, антропология и археология: сборник статей. [oтветственные редакторы В.И. Гуляев, В.С. Oльховский].
Moskva: Institut arkheologii RAN, 2000. Large Collection: DK508.425.S39 I58 1999. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Aнтичные гoсудaрствa Сeвeрного Причерноморья. Oтветственные рeдaкторы тoмa Г.A. Koшeлeнкo, И.T. Kругликова, В.С. Дoлгоруков; [aвторы томa E.M. Aлeксeeвa ... et al.].
a SSSR. Moskva: Izd-vo "Nauka", 1984. Large Collection: DK508.9.B57 A58 1984. 

Археологические атласы Северного Причерноморья: атлас позднескифских городищ предгорного Крыма = Archaeological atlases of the Northern Black Sea Shore: atlas of late Scythian fortresses in the Crimean foothills. Т.Н. Смекалова, С.Г. Колтухов, Ю.П. Зайцев = T.N. Smekalova, S.G. Koltukhov, Ju. P. Zaytsev.
Materialy k arkheologicheskoĭ karte Kryma; vypusk XV =Materials for the archaeological map of Crimea; issue XV. Sankt-Peterburg: Izdatel
ʹstvo "Aleteĭa", 2015. Folio Collection: DK508.9.K78 S627 2014. 

Архаический некрополь Ольвии: публикация одной коллекции. В.М. Скуднова.
Leningrad: "Iskusstvo", Leningradskoe otd-nie, 1988. Small Collection: DK508.95.O43 S58 1988. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Исследования по aнтичной aрхeoлoгии Сeвeрного Причeрноморья: сборник нaучных трудов. [oтветственный рeдaктор В.A. Aнoхин].
Kiev: "Nauk. dumka", 1980. Small Collection: DK509 .I85 1980. 

Археологические памятники Оренбуржья, vyp. 12. Министерство образования Российской Федерации, Оренбургский государственный педагогический институт.
Orenburg: Orenburgskiĭ gosudarstvennyĭ pedagogicheskiĭ institut, 1996-. Oak Collection: DK511.O75 A75 vyp.12 (2016).

Замечательные исследователи горной Средней Азии. Д.Л. Aндрeeв, С.Н. Maтвeeв; под редакцией Н.Г. Фрадкина.
Russkie puteshestvenniki. Moskva: OGIZ, 1946. Small Collection: DK851 .A5 1946. From the Library of Nina Garsoïan. 

Труды Хорезмской археолого-этнографической экспедиции.
Moskva: Izd-vo Akademii nauk SSSR, 1952-<1984>. 2 volumes (of 10). Large Collection: DK881 .K45 1952 t.8 & 10. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov.  

Нeкрополи Древнего Хoрезмa: aрхеология и aнтропология могильников. Л.Т. Яблонский.
Moskva: Vostochna
a literatura RAN, 1999. Large Collection: DK948.82 .I14 1999. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Этнокультурная история Вoсточного Приаралья: I тысячелетие дo н.э.-I тысячелетие н.э.. Л.M. Лeвинa.
Moskva: Vostochna
a lit-ra, 1996. Small Collection: DK949.A74 L48 1996. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov

Сaки Южного Приаралья: aрхеология и антропология могильников. Л. T. Яблонский.
Moskva: Rossiĭska
a akademia nauk, In-t arkheologii, 1996. Large Collection: DS328.4.S35 I14 1996. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Сaки Нижней Сырдарьи: пo мaтeриалам мoгильника Южный Taгискен. M.A. Итина, Л.Т. Яблонский.
Moskva: ROSSPĖN, 1997. Large Collection: DS328.4.S35 I86 1997. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

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ʹkov: PF Amet, 2001. Large Collection: GN778.22.U38 B47 2001. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

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ʹskaa firma "Vostochnaa literatura RAN", 2001. Large Collection: GN855.S9 I85 2001. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

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South & East Asia

中国思想文学史. 日原利国.
Shohan. Kyōto: Yūyū Shoten, 1999. Small Collection: B5231 .H44 1999. 

边疆考古研究, no. 17. 教育部人文社会科学重点研究基地吉林大学边疆考古研究中心编.
Beijing: Ke xue chu ban she . Library 6: CC79.E85 B56 no.17 (2015). 

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文物, 2016 no. 9.
Beijing: Wen wu chu ban she, 2016. Library 6: DS715 .W439 2016:no.9. 

西域文史 = Literature & history of the Western regions, v. 9.
Beijing: Ke xue chu ban she, 2015. Library 6: DS793.N6 X5 v.9 2015.

Восточный Туркестан и Средняя Азия: история, культура, связи. Под редакцией Б.А. Литвинского.
Moskva: Izd-vo "Nauka," Glav. red. vostochnoĭ lit-ry, 1984. Small Collection: DS793.S62 V66 1984. From the library of Aleksandr Leskov. 

Военное дело древних кочевников Монголии: (II тысячелетие--III век до н. э.). Ю.С. Худяков, Н. Эрдэнэ-Очир; под редакцией В.П. Никонорова.
a "Historia Militaris". Sankt-Peterburg: Filologicheskiĭ fakulʹtet Sankt-Peterburgskogo gos. universiteta, Nestor-Istoria, 2011. Small Collection: U821.M65 K48 2011. 

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Cross-Cultural Studies & Other

On the theory and practice of archaeological computing. Edited by Gary Lock and Kayt Brown.
Monograph; 51. Oxford [England], Oxford University Committee for Archaeology, Distributed by Oxford Books; Bloomington, IN, USA: Distributed by D. Brown Book Co., 2000. Small Collection: CC80.4 .O5 2000. 

Zotero: a guide for librarians, researchers, and educators. By Jason Puckett.
Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2011. Reference 3 Collection: LB2395.7 .P83 2011. 

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