Using the ISAW Library

Welcome to the ISAW Library!

Please be aware that our hours of operations, access policies, and services have changed for Fall 2021. Please explore the relevant portions of our website for details.

The ISAW Library is a branch library of the NYU Division of Libraries with stacks on three floors at the back of the Institute on 15 East 84th Street and a reading room housing our periodicals on the second floor (known as the Oak Library).

The Library houses on site a core study collection of approximately 60,000 for the ISAW research community, spanning the sweep of the ancient Eurasian world, from the western Mediterranean, across the Near East and Central Asia, to northern China. The Library also has growing offsite physical collection, which circulates, and digital collections such as the Ancient World Digital Library and Digital Central Asian Archaeology Collection.

If you are planning a visit, please feel welcome to email or call our staff with any questions you might have about our collection, services, or facilities.

For Fall 2021 access to the ISAW Library facilities will be limited to NYU community members who have fulfilled NYUs testing requirements.