Anthony P. SooHoo


Anthony P. SooHoo has a BA in Anthropology (1997) from the University of Chicago, where he focused on ancient Egyptian language and culture. In 2002, completing his studies at Fordham University, he received a MA in Philosophy. After being awarded a MDiv in 2008 from the Weston Jesuit School of Theology, he was ordained a Roman Catholic priest as a member of the Society of Jesus, a religious order founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola. From the same institution he received a Licentiate in Sacred Theology after submitting and defending his thesis on demonology and exorcism in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Subsequently, he earned a Licentiate in Ancient Near Eastern Studies (2010) from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome for his thesis on the temporal deictic particles אֱדַ֫יִן and בֵּאדַ֫יִן in Aramaic. His primary interest is in magic and ritual, especially the practice of divination and necromancy, in the Ancient Near East. At ISAW he intends to continue his comparative study of religious belief and practice and social organization.