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Despite neighboring building construction, public events and exhibitions at ISAW are running and open as scheduled.

Institute for the Study of the Ancient World



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Using the ISAW Library

Welcome to the ISAW Library!

The ISAW Library is a branch library of the NYU Division of Libraries with stacks on three floors at the back of the Institute on 15 East 84th Street and a reading room housing our periodicals on the second floor (known as the Oak Library).

The Library, which represents the core study collection for the ISAW research community, contains approximately 40,000 volumes spanning the sweep of the ancient Eurasian world, from the western Mediterranean, across the Near East and Central Asia, to northern China.

The Library is open to all members of the NYU community, as well as students and scholars from other institutions who need to use the collection for their research, from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays. (Read more about access and policies.)

If you are planning a visit, please feel welcome to email or call our staff with any questions you might have about our collection, services, or facilities. 

If it will be your first time using the ISAW Library, please stop by circulation on the third floor for a brief orientation.

We look forward to seeing you in the ISAW Library!