Nathan Lovejoy

Fourth Year

I graduated magna cum laude from Brown University in 2016 with a BA in Archaeology and the Ancient World (with honors) and Classics.  I wrote my honors thesis on the reception of Anatolian tumuli from the Archaic Period to the present.  Using archaeological, literary/historical, and more recent ethnographic evidence, I created a typology of engagements with the monumental burial mounds that punctuate the landscape of modern Turkey, and attempted to explain the motivations behind such interactions and the memories associated with the tumuli.

During my time at Brown University, I participated in the Brown University Labraunda Project (BULP) as a trench supervisor for two field seasons, where we excavated a monumental fountain house (referred to as the Hypostyle Building in publications) outside the temenos of the sanctuary of Zeus Labraundos.  Our goals were to explain the phasing of the building, how it interacted with the other buildings of the sanctuary, and to explain water management at the site.

At ISAW, I intend to continue acquiring and developing ancient language skills from the cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East in order to access primary sources without external interpretations.  With a combination of philological and archaeological skills, I aim to continue my research into the reuse of ancient monuments and architectural structures, the reception of stories and artifacts among various cultures as they develop over time, and how memories are created and transmitted through the cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Near East, with particular attention to the Archaic Period.