Georgios Tsolakis


I received my BA degree in History and Archaeology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and I have completed my MA in the Department of Ancient Greek and Roman History at the same institution. In my MA thesis, entitled “Public Life and Family Tradition in the Greek Cities of Asia Minor: The Case of Aphrodisias,” I have attempted to synthesize my research interests on the concepts of ethnic and civic identity with reference to the Greek polis. The thesis aimed to introduce a critical discourse analysis of civic identity and the importance of family relations among Aphrodisias’ citizens through the examination of epigraphical texts and the civic honors received. At ISAW, I intend to extend this research into the associated axes of identities, social memory and ethnicity. The semantic field of the word ‘identity’ shares themes with collective consciousness, cultural community, otherness, the definition of the self in relation to the Other, as well as matters of ethnicity. In particular, I would like to focus on the cross-scale interaction of individual, communal and ethnic identities, and their diachronic representation across epigraphic, archaeological and literary sources, mainly with reference to the eastern Mediterranean World.