Spring Events Are Now Live!

By Maggie Pavao

The Spring 2018 Events are now live on our website! This semester, ISAW has organized a diverse array of lectures and events, in addition to the opening of our exhibition next week on February 14th, “Romance and Reason: Islamic Transformations of the Classical Past.

The Ninth Annual Rostovtzeff Lecture Series commences on March 21st, entitled “The Sky over Ancient Iraq: Babylonian Astronomy in Context,” presented by Mathieu Ossendrijver from Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. 

Many of our Visiting Research Scholars are scheduled to present, exploring diverse topics in their study of the ancient world. Some event highlights are “Revisiting Harappan Iconography: Seals, Sealing and Tablets as Small Windows onto the Indus Valley Civilization” by Marta Ameri, "Unscripted: The Visuality of Monumental Script in Ptolemaic Egypt" by Emily Cole, and a film screening of “The Poor Man of Nippur” in the original Babylonian, produced by Martin Worthington.

We are also hosting many guest speakers to offer an extensive selection of expertise in the field. Nathan Arrington (Princeton University) will present on February 8th, Katheryn Twiss (Stony Brook University) on March 29th, Ayşin Yoltar-Yıldırım (Brooklyn Museum) on April 12th, and Robert Morrison (Bowdoin College) on May 10th.

All events are free with registration, open to the public, and begin at 6pm unless otherwise noted. For more details, visit our Events page and RSVP today!