May 15 2015 – 1500 km2 Image grant by the DigitalGlobe Foundation

April 17 2015 Project presentation by Sören Stark at the SAA conference in San Franscisco.

June through August 2014 – Fieldwork season with excavations at Ganch-tepa, Khoja-Adjvandi-tepa and UAV based aerial survey, conducted in cooperation with Project Archaeocopter at HTW Dresden and FU Berlin. See here for some impressions from our work in Bukhārā this summer.

February 17 2014: The Society for the Exploration of EurAsia approves a project proposal for partial funding of a UAV based aerial survey.

February 8 2014: Presentation on "Bukhara in the early Islamic period: New insights from recent investigation along the oasis wall of Bukhara" by Sören Stark at the Workshop "News in Central Asian Archaeology", organized by Sören Stark at ISAW.


October 24 2013: Presentation on "Новые исследования Дивар-и Кампирак: результаты сезонов 2011-2013 гг." by Sören Stark and Djamal Mirzaakhmedov at the International Conference “Pre-Islamic Past of Middle Asia and Eastern Iran” at the State Hermitage, St. Petersburg.

July through August 2013: Fieldwork season with excavations at Ganch-tepa, the Kampir-duval near Il'mirza-tepa and prospections at Aksach-tepa, Khoja-buston and Lyavandak.

April 26 2013: Presentation on "Fortified Borderlands: A View Beyond Imperial Iran. Some Results of Recent Fieldwork on the Fortification of the Bukhara Oasis" by Sören Stark at the Workshop "The Archaeology of Sasanian Politics", organized by Richard Payne and Mehrnoush Soroush at ISAW.

January 26, 2013: Presentation on "Excavations of a Fort in the Kampirak Wall Surrounding the Bukharan Oasis" by Sören Stark at the Colloquium "Art and Archaeology of Central Asia: Works in Progress" at Hofstra University, organized by Aleksandr Naymark.