Visiting Research Scholars 2017-18

This article first appeared in ISAW Newsletter 19, Fall 2017.

Marta Ameri, Colby College
Miniature Arts of the Harappan World: Seals, Sealing and Tablets as Small Windows onto the Indus Valley Civilization

Emily Cole, Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Translation on Display: Multilingual Monuments in Ptolemaic Egypt

J. Andrew Dufton, Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Brown University
Works in Progress: Regional Trends and Grassroots Developments in the Cities of Roman North Africa

Yitzchak Jaffe, Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Harvard University
Rediscovering the Multiethnic & Multi-cultural Origins of Chinese Civilization

David Levene, New York University, Classics
Livy: The Fragments and Periochae: Text and Commentary

Stephanie Rost, Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook
Ancient State Economies: A Case Study of the Umma Province of the Ur III State (2112-2004 B.C.)

Eva von Dassow, University of Minnesota
Toward a New History of the Ancient Near East

Martin Worthington, University of Cambridge
Interpreting the Minor Masterpieces of Mesopotamian Literature

Zhan Zhang
Ph.D., Harvard University
Khotan as Seen by Khotanese: A Documentary History of Khotan During the Sixth to the Ninth Centuries