Odette Boivin

Visiting Assistant Professor 2019-21

Odette Boivin is a Visiting Assistant Professor at NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. She earned her PhD in Assyriology from the University of Toronto and specializes in Babylonian history. She published in 2018 The First Dynasty of the Sealand in Mesopotamia, a history of a southern Babylonian polity in the mid-2nd millennium BCE and its later historiography.

She is now working on the later history of the southern Babylonian town of Larsa, using a 6th century BCE family archive that she is reconstructing and editing, as well as other textual and archaeological sources. She is currently focusing on the economic life of Larsa and its hinterland in the Neo-Babylonian and early Achaemenid period and on the interrelations between the royal power, the local temples, the urban elite, and the non-urban population.