Marcin Kotyl

Visiting Research Scholar, Spring & Summer 2020

Marcin Kotyl received his MA in Classics (2011) and PhD in Papyrology (2017) from the University of Wroclaw, Poland. He is currently a research assistant professor in the Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology at the Warsaw University. His research focuses mainly on tax and account documents from Roman and Late Roman period. He is also a philologist working sometimes with literary papyri, mainly Homer. 

During his stay at ISAW Marcin works on his most recent project “Taxation in late Roman Egypt through the prism of an unpublished tax register from the Hermopolite Nome” supported by the National Science Center (Poland). The core of the project is to provide an edition and historical elaboration of 44-pages unpublished codex from the Giessen Collections. Then many aspects of taxation will be investigated, including the method of tax assessment, account of tax deduction and statement of tax arrears. The project as a whole provides an exciting opportunity to advance our knowledge on key fiscal changes that have occurred during the fourth century in Egypt.