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The Painters of Pompeii: Roman Frescoes from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

This beautiful hardback volume features many high-definition images of frescos and ancient artifacts, excavation photographs from Pompeii, a provenance map showing the original location of artworks, as well as insightful, in-depth essays and short texts about these astonishing paintings and the history of the Bay of Naples. 

Contributors include Mario Grimaldi (curator), Agnes Allroggen-Bedel, Irene Bragantini, Hariclia Brecoulaki, Bryon Chambers, Rosaria Ciardiello (R.C.), John R. Clarke (J.R.C.), Antonella Coralina, Provvidenza Paola D'Alconzo (P.D'A.), Laura Forte (L.F,), Marialucia Giacco (M.L.G.), Rose Marie May, Eric M. Moormann, Umberto Pappalardo, Ernesto Sanchez, Giuseppe Sassatelli, and Bryn Critz Schockmel.

Published by Mondo Mostre, Rome

Hardcover | 2021 | 13” x 10” | 185 pages | $60 | ISBN 9788894619713