Future Exhibitions

Fall 2018

Devotion and Decadence: The Berthouville Treasure and Roman Luxury
from the Bibliothèque nationale de France

inv-56-6-10-web.jpg Discovered by chance by a farmer in rural Normandy while plowing his field, the Berthouville Treasure is the largest and best-preserved hoard of silver from the ancient world. Gilt-silver statuettes and vessels—about ninety silver pieces weighing over fifty pounds in total—had been buried in a brick-lined cist during antiquity. Located in an area of ancient pilgrimage, assembly, and spectacle, the site was a Gallo-Roman religious sanctuary devoted to Mercury Canetonensis. The temple treasure includes elegant representations of Mercury as well as other pieces illustrating vivid episodes from the Trojan War or theatrical Bacchic scenes. A striking example of the cross-cultural interactions between Roman and indigenous Gallic culture, the Berthouville Treasure showcases the accomplishments of ancient silversmiths as well as fascinating aspects of Roman culture and religion in Gaul.

Spring 2019

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