Valentina Cinieri

PhD, Postgraduate student at School in Architectural Heritage and Landscape
DICAr, University of Pavia (Italy); DSA, University of Genoa (Italy)

Valentina Cinieri earned her Master's degree in Building Engineering and Architecture at the University of Pavia (Italy) in 2010 with the thesis "The restoration of the ancient hamlet Embresi (Piacenza, Italy)". In 2011 she took part in research activities about built heritage (preservation, energy efficiency of historical buildings, planned conservation) at the Interdepartmental Centre for Studies and Research on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage (CISRiC), and at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture (DICAr). She attended the postgraduate school in Civil and Architectural Engineering at the University of Pavia, and obtained her PhD in 2015 with the thesis “Widespread built heritage. A sustainable approach to conservation and management”, in which she proposed a lifecycle oriented approach for the conservation of the pre-industrial built heritage. Since 2012 she is involved in study of building techniques and conservation planning of the archaeological heritage at Kinik Höyük (Southern Cappadocia, Turkey). Currently she attended the postgraduate School in architectural Heritage and Lanscape at University of Genoa. The school is focused on issues of cultural built heritage preservation and it is arranged in lectures, workshops and design activities aimed to restoration of built heritage. Her interests focus on ancient building technologies and sustainable preservation of historical buildings. She takes part at national and international conferences about built heritage preservation and building technologies.