Lorenzo Castellano

PhD Student - NYU ISAW
New York, NY

I received a BA in Cultural Heritage Sciences and a MA in Archaeology at University of Milan. My BA and MA were focused on European Proto-history (Bronze and Iron Ages). In 2008 I began to work as a professional archaeologist. Through collaborations with Italian research institutes and private firms I have participated in a number of research and development-led excavations in varied cultural and chronological contexts. Besides my archaeological field work, I have conducted extensive research within environmental archeology, thanks to a long time collaboration with the Laboratory of Palynology and Paleoecology of the Italian National Council of Research – CNR (with a focus on archaeobotany and ethnobotany) and a research fellowship at the Earth Sciences Department of the Milan-Bicocca University (research topic the reconstruction of the Late Holocene climatic change in Northern Italy). Currently I am PhD student at NYU-ISAW, with archaeology and environmental history of Anatolia as the central topic of my research.
Research Profile