Amheida Regional Economic Survey

Landscape view of the site of Amheida. The foreground shows scatters ceramics and agricultural fields. The escarpment is visible in the background.

The Amheida Regional Economic Survey aims to research the unique agricultural, social, and environmental conditions of the Dakhla oasis that influenced the economy of Amheida (ancient Trimithis) and its surroundings. Through an interdisciplinary approach using coinage, texts, and archaeology, the first stage of the project will study currency circulation patterns of nearby sites, as well as trade and agricultural production of oasis products in order to elucidate the importance of the Dakhla oasis in the wider economy of Egypt. By combining different types of archaeological evidence and the information gleaned from papyrological texts, the project will develop methodologically sound approaches to understanding the development of land tenure and settlements in Late Antiquity at large.

Contact information

Irene Soto Marín
Assistant Professor of Classics
Department of the Classics
Harvard University