Jacco Dieleman

Visiting Research Scholar 2010-2011

Jacco Dieleman holds his PhD in Egyptology from Leiden University, the Netherlands (2003). He currently works as Associate Professor of Egyptology at the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures of UCLA, where he teaches ancient Egyptian religion, literature, and language in all its phases and script forms. His research focuses on tracing continuity and innovation in Egyptian scribal traditions to follow changes in religious thought and cultural identity throughout pharaonic Egypt's long history. The sociolinguistic study of bilingualism and script varieties is always at the core of his projects. He is currently preparing for publication an edition of an Egyptian funerary liturgy that collects a number of temple rituals adapted for the burial of an otherwise unknown woman with the name Artemis. The manuscript, which is inscribed with incantations in Classical Egyptian written in the hieratic script and with instructions for use in Demotic, can be dated to the late Ptolemaic or early Roman Period. He also continues his work on the corpus of the so-called Demotic Magical Papyri to determine their nature and relationship to the Greek Magical Papyri.