Günter Dreyer

Visiting Research Scholar 2010-2011

Günter Dreyer studied Egyptology, Assyriology, and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology at theUniversity of Hamburg and the Free University Berlin where he received his doctorate in 1978 and obtained his postdoctoral qualification in 1997. From 1978-87 he was scientific research fellow at the German Archaeological Institute Cairo, and in 1987-89 he lectured at Berlin University. In 1989 he became deputy director and from 1998-2008 he was appointed as professor and director of the German Archaeological Institute Cairo.

He spent many years in field work (Kamid el-Loz/Lebanon, Luxor, Wadi Garawi, Giza and Saqqara) and directed the German excavations at the city of Elephantine (1997-2007) and the proto-early dynastic Royal Necropolis at Abydos (since 1987) where he is still working.

His main interests include the early history, art and architecture and the development of writing in Egypt (3300- 2700 BC). During his year at ISAW he will be working on annalistic inscriptions and pursue the basic idea of ‘Chaos and Control’ in early Egyptian art.