Sabine R. Hübner

Sabine R. Hübner (Ph.D. Jena 2005) studied History and Classics in Münster, Rome, Berlin, Jena, London, Berkeley and New York. She has held fellowships and grants by the DFG, the DAAD, the European Erasmus Programme, the DAI, the Thyssen Foundation, and the European Union. Her interests include the social history of the Graeco-Roman East, Greek epigraphy, papyrology, and early Christianity. She has published among others on the clergy in the society of the Later Roman Empire (Der Klerus in der Gesellschaft des spätantiken Kleinasiens, Stuttgart 2005), on old age in Classical Greece, on Greek epigraphy of Asia Minor, on growing up fatherless in the ancient world, and on brother-sister marriage in Roman Egypt. Currently she is working on a broader project on intergenerational relationships in the ancient Eastern Mediterranean, drawing on comparative studies on household forms and family networks in other patriarchal pre-modern societies which exhibit a similar demographic regime and followed comparable marriage and household formation patterns, like e.g. late medieval Tuscany and pre-modern China, Japan and Taiwan.