ISAW Library and ISAW Digital Programs host second annual LAWDNY Digital Antiquity Research Workshop

By David Ratzan

The ISAW Library and ISAW Digital Programs are very pleased to announce that they will be hosting the second annual LAWDNY (Linked Ancient World Data--New York) Digital Antiquity Research Workshop on Friday, Dec 2, 2016

Last year's inaugural event was highly successful, bringing together a diverse group of students, scholars, and librarians at ISAW for a day-long conversation about digital projects in ancient studies. Nearly thirty participants attended, representing a broad cross-section of the ancient studies community with respect to topics, areas of study, and methods. 

This year's presentations include work related to the digital humanities in teaching, research, cultural preservation, exhibitions (including some of the 3D modeling in ISAW's current exhibition Time and Cosmos), and linked geographic data in library discovery. Also, in keeping with ISAW's mission to see the ancient world whole, presentations will range from literary and epigraphic texts to archaeology, and from the Western Mediterranean to China. The provisional program is now available on the ISAW Library Blog.

LAWDNY events at ISAW aim to build on the work of the Linked Ancient World Data Institute (LAWDI) by encouraging community and discussion of digital approaches to scholarship and teaching in the New York metro region and to fulfill ISAW's mission of "of training a new generation of scholars who will enter the global academic community and become intellectual leaders." Funded by the Office of Digital Humanities of the National Endowment for Humanities, LAWDI assembled in 2012 and 2013 an international faculty of practitioners working in the field of Linked Data who were implementing or planning the creation of digital resources for the study of the Ancient Mediterranean and Ancient Near East. ISAW is also now considering ways in which it might actively push the boundaries of its linked-data projects and digital work eastward into Central Asia and Ancient China.

This year we are pleased not only to count a LAWDI alumnus, John Muccigrosso (Drew University), among our presenters, but also to congratulate two of last year's LAWNDY participants, who have gone on to take up full-time appointments in the emerging digital humanities academic landscape: Alice Lynn McMichael, now the Assistant Director of LEADR, a digital humanities joint venture at Michigan State University between History, Anthropology, and the Digital Humanities Center MATRIX; and Patrick Burns, who is an Assistant Research Scholar in the ISAW Library and the organizer of this year's event. 

A few spots remain for those interested in attending this year’s Workshop and we encourage you to RSVP as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the event, please email Patrick J. Burns at