Computing Help and Resources

Getting Help

The best method to report a problem or make a request is to .

You can also find us in the #help-request channel on the ISAW Slack instance.

Or, during weekday business hours, you can call the IT Office at extension 2-7845.

For longer questions, an appointment is recommended to ensure that there is ample time for discussion.

For faculty and students, NYU has updated the documentation for Brightspace and Zoom Classroom use. Check out the latest tips for Zoom Classes!

You can also use the following quick guide pages for some of the issues that members of the ISAW community encounter most frequently with both university-managed and ISAW-specific services:

IT Office

The ISAW IT Office provides a variety of technical support services for ISAW faculty, students, staff, and researchers. We can assist with computer setup, software installation and updates, connecting to the wired and wireless networks, quoting and ordering new technology purchases, and general troubleshooting. You can also make an appointment to learn more about a particular application or technical resource, such as formulas in Microsoft Excel, or the presentation equipment in the Seminar Room. Please read our Service and Support Guidelines for more detail.

General Technology Resources

A combination of technology resources are available to you at ISAW. Some are provided directly by the institute, and others are provided by NYU. All members of the ISAW community have access to NYU-Google Apps for email, calendar, and document sharing services. Faculty and staff also have access to the NYU Box file storage and sharing service, as well as a variety of academic and administrative systems in NYU Global Home. Staff additionally have access to an internal ISAW file server where administrative data is stored. There are also a limited number of shared printers, workstations, and peripherals as described below.

Shared Workstations

Several special-purpose workstations are available for shared use during normal business hours. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • BookEye PC for face-up book scanning - 5th floor library
  • Mac for web browsing and flat scanning - 5th floor library
  • Mac for catalog searching - 3rd floor library, circulation desk
  • Dell workstation for archaeology apps - 5th floor library

Equipment Available to Borrow

The IT Office maintains a small inventory of equipment and accessories, available to all members of the ISAW community for short-term use. Typically, shared equipment is loaned out only during business hours, and must be returned by the end of the day. To reserve an item in advance, please submit a request by . The following is a list of the most frequently borrowed items:

Apple Laptop
Dell Laptop
Digital camcorder (with optional microphone and tripod)
Digital camera
Portable conference microphone
Portable webcam (wide-angle)
Laser pointer
USB audio headset with microphone
USB external optical drive (read and write CDs or DVDs)
USB flash drives
Power adapters and surge protectors
Charging cables for smartphones and tablets
Audio & video cables and adapters
Keyboards & mice

NYU Virtual Resources

Important Note about Saving Your Work

If you save any work on the hard drive of a shared laptop or desktop workstation, remember to move that data to your own storage device or cloud storage account before logging off from the computer. Shared computers are updated and refreshed on a regular basis, and individual user data may be erased at that time.