Cylinder Seal

A semi-translucent yellow-white stone cylinder with engraved areas. Horizontal impression of the stone seal in gray clay showing a worshiper on the left facing a spade and stylus placed on platform at center. A bearded god, at right, stands on a seated lion monster. The god is armed with bows, a sword, and holds an ax in front of a sky with stars and a crescent. All figures are slightly abstracted and highly stylized.

Cylinder Seal and Modern Impression

Cylinder seal and modern impression with a worshipper or priest before the divine symbols of Marduk (spade) and Nabu (stylus), and a god on a lion monster
Probably Mesopotamia, Iraq
H. 2.8 cm; Diam. 1.3 cm
Neo-Assyrian or Neo-Babylonian Period, ca. 800–700 BCE
Inventory Number:
Morgan Seal 692
The Morgan Library & Museum, New York
The Morgan Library & Museum, New York.