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04/17/2024 05:30 PM ISAW Lecture Hall
Jade teapot with an opened lid

Rostovtzeff Lecture Series: The End in Sight? Archaeological Science, Globalisation and Unsustainability

Lecture IV: Homo faber and Homo dolor: Archaeological Science, Globalisation and (Un)sustainability

Shadreck Chirikure

This lecture -- the fourth in a four-part series -- will take place in person at ISAW. Registration is required; click through for the registration link. Humans thrive on materials to fulfil daily needs and wants. They develop relationships of interdependence with things and exchange them to create social relationships and to fulfil obligations. Peering into the deep past, starting millions of years ago, humans and their ancestors worked materials such as stone to make tools, and with time produced things for beautification, and to fulfil symbolic functions.
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