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09/06/2023 05:30 PM ISAW Lecture Hall
Illustration from a medieval manuscript showing a pig on a table being dissected by Galen with an audience of about 10 men standing around the table and watching.

Dissecting History:

Repopulating the World of Roman Medical Research

Claire Bubb

This lecture will take place in person at ISAW. Registration is required; click through for the registration link. Our understanding of Roman medicine is dominated by one overshadowing figure: the prolific author and doctor Galen. His massive output, incisive intelligence, and aggressive self-promotion served to dominate the historical record very early on, with the result that other ancient voices in the field were not copied and have, accordingly, been mostly silenced. The reception following this lecture will celebrate Claire Bubb's book publication, Dissection in Classical Antiquity: A Social and Medical History (Cambridge, 2022), and other recent publications by ISAW community members.
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