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05/04/2023 05:00 PM ISAW Lecture Hall
Photo of a fragmentary illustration of the world, showing various land masses and bodies of water.

Rostovtzeff Lecture Series:Epistemic Corruption and Epistemic Progress in Ancient Science

Lecture 4: The Question of Progress

Daryn Lehoux

This lecture -- the fourth in a four-part series -- will take place in person at ISAW. Registration is required; click through for the registration link. All attendees must be in compliance with NYU's COVID-19 vaccination requirements and be prepared to present proof of compliance if asked to do so. Once we have seen the different ways in which knowledge practices can be compromised by corruption, both in ancient sources themselves and in our understanding of those sources, we can begin to appreciate some of the difficulties that can arise in articulating a clear and transhistorical notion of scientific progress.
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