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11/03/2022 05:00 PM Online
Painting fragment of two rows of seated priests wearing robes and hats in a garden setting.

16th Annual Leon Levy Lecture

Mobile Cosmopolitanism: Diversity and Exchange in the Uyghur Steppe Empire (744-840)

Michael R. Drompp

This lecture will take place online. Registration is required; click through for the registration link. Zoom information will be provided via confirmation email to registered participants. Study of the “Silk Roads” has helped to greatly expand our knowledge of the movement of people, ideas, and goods as well as the influences that they exerted on various cultures throughout Eurasia. Scholars have often looked to China’s Tang dynasty (618-907) as an example of the cosmopolitanism that such exchanges promoted. But there are other, less obvious polities that developed cosmopolitan tendencies as well. One of these is the steppe empire of the Uyghurs, whose political center was in what is today Mongolia.
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