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11/13/2020 11:00 AM Online
Photo of game dice of various colors on a topographical site plan.

DAY 3: Re-Rolling the Past: Representations and Reinterpretations of Antiquity in Analog and Digital Games

Online Conference organized by Gabriel Mckee (ISAW Library) and Daniela Wolin (Yale University & ISAW Research Affiliate)

This multi-day conference will take place online on November 11th, 12th, and 13th. Registration is required; click through for the registration link. Zoom information will be provided via confirmation email to registered participants. Analog and digital games (e.g. video, role play, board, card, pedagogical, and alternative games) are platforms for modeling and experiencing events in fantastic, modern, or historical settings. When devising games based on ancient historical and archaeological contexts, an informed and critical approach is essential, lest games perpetuate problematic narratives or provide inaccurate representations of the past. “Rerolling the Past” builds off of the recent increase in academic studies of games to show how games can serve as a fruitful avenue for communicating information about the ancient world.
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