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09/24/2019 06:00 PM ISAW Lecture Hall

AIA Lecture: Crete, the Aegean, and the Near East in the Early 1st Millennium BCE

Antonis Kotsonas

Note: we are now fully booked for this event, and we are no longer accepting names for the wait-list. The dense and complex networks of interaction connecting the prehistoric Aegean and the Near East were severely dismantled ca. 1200 BCE. In the course of the early 1st millennium BCE new and very different networks of interaction emerged through the agency of people from both regions, and by the 7th century BCE Greek culture was strongly Orientalizing. Crete was once taken to hold a key role in this process and to be the cradle of the Greek Orientalizing culture, as the intellectual tradition of Pan-Cretism had it. More recently, however, the island has been seen as a passive periphery and a cultural backwater in this period. My paper offers a corrective approach to these contrasting interpretations.
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