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09/19/2019 09:15 AM ISAW Lecture Hall
Fragmentary ancient Egyptian text written in the cursive demotic script in red and blank ink on papyrus.

DAY ONE: Scientific Traditions in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East

Conference organized by Amber Jacob (ISAW), Sofie Schiødt (University of Copenhagen), Lingxin Zhang (Johns Hopkins University), Alexander Jones (ISAW)

Note: We are now fully booked for this event and are only accepting names for the wait-list. The international research collaborative Scientific Papyri from Ancient Egypt (SPAE) is pleased to host its second annual conference at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, NYU. This interdisciplinary conference aims to bring together scholars working in the history of science and medicine of ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Near East. The leading sciences in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean world were medicine and divination, above all astrology, and astronomy. Please note that separate registration is required for DAY ONE (9/19/19) and DAY TWO (9/20/19).
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