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10/04/2019 09:00 AM ISAW Lecture Hall
Illuminated manuscript images of two men reading from books.

DAY TWO: Medicine and the Law under the Roman Empire: Professionalism, Intellectual Pursuit, Entertainment, and Socio-Political Competition

Ancient Roman medicine and ancient Roman law have traditionally been viewed by scholars as highly specialized and are, therefore, often studied in isolation. This conference will juxtapose the two fields and place them, as a pair, back into their wider ancient context. The first day of the conference will delimit this wider context, probing the topics of competition, rhetoric, professionalism, and literature in the period of the Roman Empire. The second day will highlight the uniquely interesting affinities between the fields, which are nevertheless squarely apiece with the trends of their time. Please note that separate registration is required for DAY ONE (10/3/19) and DAY TWO (10/4/19), and please note that DAY ONE will take place NYU Kimmel/Global Center and DAY TWO will take place at ISAW.
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