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Institute for the Study of the Ancient World



David Klotz

David Klotz received his Ph.D. in Egyptology from Yale University in 2008. His research interests include Egyptian religion and history during the Persian, Ptolemaic and Roman periods, times of particularly vibrant intercultural discourse between indigenous Egyptians and their foreign rulers. His first monograph ("Adoration of the Ram," 2006) studied lengthy hymns to the god Amun-Re from the Persian Period temple of Hibis in Khargeh Oasis. David now leads excavations at the Roman Period temple of Nadura, across the road from Hibis and dedicated to the lunar god, Chonsu. While at ISAW, David is also adapting his dissertation for publication, "Egyptian Temple Construction and Theology in Roman Period Thebes." This study demonstrates that the Pharaonic capital of Thebes remained a vibrant religious center well into the Roman Period, and also attempts to disentangle the complex theology of Amun, the Ogdoad, and over forty other divinities from the Theban nome. At the same time, David is publishing several previously neglected Late Period autobiographical inscriptions from private statues in museums in the United States and Europe.