Caroline Sauvage

Caroline Sauvage received her Ph.D. (2006) in Archaeology of the Ancient World at Lyon 2 University (France). Her research interests include trade and maritime exchanges in the eastern Mediterranean during the Late Bronze Age and early Iron Age. Her Ph.D. and post-doctoral research (2007-2008 University of California at Berkeley) both focus on exchanges, the status of objects and their representations in the eastern Mediterranean area as a whole. Her work is based on the study of material artifacts and their interconnections, and aims to avoid the classic pitfalls of disciplinary partitioning in the study of eastern Mediterranean societies and group identities. During her stay at ISAW, Caroline will focus on two projects. The first will investigate the status of boats in the eastern Mediterranean and aims to explore, through representations, textual evidence and shipwrecks, the social significance of how boats were viewed by the Late Bronze Age peoples. The second project, funded by a Shelby White - Leon Levy grant for archaeological publication (2008-2011), concerns the publication of the material excavated by C.F.A. Schaeffer at Minet el-Beida and Ugarit during the first years of work there. This material is preserved in the archaeological museum of Saint-Germain-en-Laye near Paris.