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Roger Bagnall

Emeritus Professor of Ancient History
Leon Levy Director Emeritus (212) 992.7833 15 E. 84th Street New York, NY 10028

Before joining the NYU faculty in 2007, Bagnall was Jay Professor of Greek and Latin and Professor of History at Columbia University, where he had taught for 33 years. During that time he served as Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Chair of the Department of Classics. Educated at Yale University and the University of Toronto, he specializes in the social and economic history of Hellenistic, Roman and Late Antique Egypt. He has held many leadership positions in the fields of classics and papyrology; he is co-founder of a multi-university consortium creating the Advanced Papyrological Information System. Among his best-known works are Egypt in Late Antiquity (1993), The Demography of Roman Egypt (1994; with Bruce Frier), Reading Papyri, Writing Ancient History (1995), Early Christian Books in Egypt (2009), and Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East (2010). His edition (with Giovanni Ruffini) of the first volume of Ostraka from Trimithis inaugurated ISAW's series of digital books. He has also edited many volumes of papyri and other ancient texts.  He directs NYU's excavation project at Amheida (jointly sponsored with Columbia) in the Dakhla Oasis in Egypt. His latest book, An Oasis City, presents the results of the Amheida excavations.He is a member of the American Philosophical Society and the Académie Royale de Belgique, as well as a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the British Academy and a Corresponding Member of the German Archaeological Institute. In October, 2016 he received an honorary doctorate from the Université de Paris-Sorbonne.

Bagnall is one of the general editors of the 13-volume Encyclopedia of Ancient History, which appeared from Wiley-Blackwell in November 2012 and is regularly enlarged and updated.  Other recent publications include the graffiti from the basilica in the agora of ancient Smyrna and publication of texts from the excavations at Amheida and Berenike. He retired as Leon Levy Director of ISAW in 2016.


Full curriculum vitae:

Education and Degrees

1964-1968   Yale University: B.A., 1968
1968-1972   University of Toronto: M.A., 1969; Ph.D., 1972
1970-1971   American School of Classical Studies at Athens (Associate Member)

Positions Held

1968-70, 1971-72 University College, Toronto: Teaching Fellow

Florida State University, Tallahassee: Assistant Professor of Classics

Columbia University: Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin (1974-79) Associate Professor of Classics and History (1979-83) Professor of Classics and History (1983-2006) Jay Professor of Greek and Latin and Professor of History (2006-07) Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Senior Research Scholar (2007- ) Acting Chair, Classics (1985-86, 2003); Chair (1994-2000) Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (1989-93) Deputy Vice President for Arts and Sciences (1992-93) Acting Chair, Department of English (2000-01) Acting Chair, Department of Italian (2002-03)

Yale University: Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library Master Class in Papyrology

Union Theological Seminary, Adjunct Professor

University of Iowa, Ida Beam Distinguished Visiting Professor

2004 (fall)
American University in Cairo, Visiting Professor of Coptic Studies

2005 (fall)
University of California, Berkeley, Sather Professor of Classical Literature

Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University Professor of Ancient History and Leon Levy Director (2007-16)

Academic Honors and Awards


National Merit Scholarship; Robert C. Bates Travelling Fellowship; Woodrow Wilson Fellow designate; Phi Beta Kappa; graduated summa cum laude with exceptional distinction as Scholar of the House; six departmental prizes in Greek and Latin


American Society of Papyrologists fellowship to summer program in papyrology, Philadelphia, 1968; University of Toronto open fellowship; Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship


Florida State University research grant; Canada Council summer research assistantship


American Council of Learned Societies Grant-in-Aid (1975-76); ACLS Study Fellowship (1976-77); 3 Columbia University research grants; American Philosophical Society Grants-in-Aid (1980, 1984); National Endowment for the Humanities, Fellowship for Independent Study and Research (1984-85); ACLS Travel Grant (1986); American Numismatic Society: Elected Fellow (1987); John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship (1990-91); NEH, Summer Stipend (1994); Christ Church, Oxford, Fowler Hamilton Visiting Research Fellowship (1995-96); Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres, et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Membre associé (elected 1997); National Endowment for the Humanities, director of Summer Seminars for College Teachers (1987, 1990, 1999); American Academy of Arts and Sciences (elected 2000); Corpus Christi College, Oxford, Visiting Scholar (spring, 2001); American Philosophical Society (elected 2001); J.H. Gray Lecturer, University of Cambridge (2003); Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Distinguished Achievement Award (2003); Sather Professor of Classical Literature, University of California at Berkeley (fall 2005); Directeur d'études invité, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris (2006); Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy (2006)

New York University

Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar (2007-8); Alexander S. Onassis Foundation Visiting Scholar, Athens (2009-10); Haecker Lecturer, University of Heidelberg (2010); Corresponding Member, German Archaeological Institute (2015); Docteur honoris causa, Université de Paris-Sorbonne (2016).

Professional Offices and Service

American Society of Papyrologists: Secretary-Treasurer (1974-79); Director (1980-83, 1987-89); Vice-President (1989-93); President (1993-97); Financial Trustee (2013-16)

American Philological Association: Secretary, Committee on Basic Research Tools (1979-80); Secretary-Treasurer (1979-85); Project Director, Preservation Microfilming Project (1984-88); Member, Finance Committee (1985-88); member, Board of Directors (1988-91); member, Classical Atlas Committee (1989-2000); Vice President for Research (2009-2013)

Egyptological Seminar of New York: Director and Member of Editorial Board (1979-83); President (1981-83)

Classical Micropublishing Incorporated: President (1978-83)

Scholars Press: Member, Board of Trustees (1977-85); Executive Committee (1979-85); Investment Committee (1984-90)

XVI International Congress of Papyrology (July 1980): Organizer and Secretary

American Council of Learned Societies: Member of Selection Committee for Study Fellowships (1981-82); Selection Committee for Fellowships for Recent Recipients of the Ph.D. (1982); Chairman, Conference of Secretaries Committee on Journals (1980); Member, Conference of Secretaries Executive Committee (1981-84); Secretary (1981-84); Fellowship Pre-screener (1986-88); Delegate of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2011- )

American Research Center in Egypt: Member, Budget and Fiscal Affairs Committee (1982-85); Member, Publications Committee (1983-85)

VIII Congress of the International Federation of Associations of Classical Studies (Dublin, August 1984): Director, Papyrological Colloquium

National Humanities Center: Fellowship Pre-screener (1986-89, 1993-94, 1997-99, 2001-2004)

Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute: Trustee (1991-95, 1996-99); Vice President for Academic Affairs (1994-95); Treasurer (1998-99)

Association Internationale de Papyrologues: Member of the Comité International de Papyrologie (1992-2001); President (2007-13)

American School of Classical Studies at Athens: Member, Managing Committee (1995-2007)

Bryn Mawr Review of Electronic Resources: Member, Editorial Board (1998-2002)

American Journal of Archaeology: Member, Editorial Board (1998-2004)

Wells College, Trustee (2006-09)

American Numismatic Society, Trustee (2006-11), Second Vice President (2009-11)

Summer Seminar in Papyrology (American Society of Papyrologists; at Columbia University), co-director (2006)

Phi Beta Kappa: Visiting Scholars Program Committee (2009- )

Society for Classical Studies: President (2016)

American Philosophical Society: Committee on Meetings (2013- ); Council (2014- ); Curator of Fine Art and Chair, Committee on Museum (2015-)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Delegate to the American Council of Learned Societies (2011-2015)


University Service (Columbia)

Presidential Commission on the Future of the Libraries (1980-83); Chairman, Committee on Preservation and Collection Housing (1981-82); Chairman, Committee on RLG (1982)

Library Service Review Committee (1982-83); member, School of Library Service Executive Committee (1984-86); Chairman, Library Service Review Committee (1989-90)

Presidential Task Force on Information Processing (1983-84); Chairman, Committee on User Needs

Project Aurora Selection Committee (1985-87)

University Senate Housing Policy Committee (1985-88); Chairman (1986-88)

University Senate: School of General Studies senator (1986-88)

Faculty Planning Committee for the Arts and Sciences (1986-87)

History and Humanities Advisory Council, University Libraries (1988-89)

Program in Hellenic Studies, Chairman of Steering Committee (1987-90, 1993-2000); member (2000- )

University Seminar in Classical Civilization: Co-Chairman (1988-89); Chairman (1993-95)

Butler Library Renovation Program Planning Committee (1989-94); Pilot Reading Room Planning Committee (1993-94)

Strategic Planning Commission (1992-93): Chair, Library and Information Services Task Force

Committee on Undergraduate Education: Co-Chair (1994-95); Subcommittee on Resources (1993-94)

Steering Committee of Department Chairs: Chair (1994-95, 1996-98)

Governing Board, Society of Fellows in the Humanities (1996-2000)

Provost’s Committee on Libraries and Information Systems (1997-2003)

Ad Hoc Committee on Housing Policy (1997-99)

Executive Committee, Institute for Research on Women and Gender (1997-2000)

Columbia College Board of Visitors (1998-2000)

Committee on Faculty Services: Chair  (1998-2000)

Academic Review Committee (2001-04)

Committee on Strategic Thinking and Acting Through Technology (2002-03)

Committee on a Columbia Humanities Center (2002-03)

Campus Planning Committee (2003-04)

Graduate Supervision

(This list includes only former students for whom I was the primary adviser.)

Silviu Anghel (Ph.D. Columbia, 2011)

Dissertation: Burying the Gods

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Göttingen


Nicola Aravecchia (Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 2009)

Dissertation: Christians of the Western Desert in Late Antiquity: The Fourth-Century Church Complex of Ain el-Gedida in the Dakhleh Oasis, Upper Egypt

Clinical Assistant Professor of Archaeology, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University <>


Anna L. Boozer (Ph.D. Columbia, 2007)

Dissertation: Housing Empire : the Archaeology of Daily Life in Roman Amheida, Egypt

Assistant Professor of History, Baruch College, CUNY


Raffaella Cribiore (Ph.D. Columbia, 1993)

Dissertation published: Writing, Teachers, and Students in Graeco-Roman Egypt (Atlanta 1996)

Professor of Classics, New York University<>


Diana Delia (Ph.D. Columbia, 1983)

Dissertation published: Alexndrian Citizenship During the Roman Principate (Atlanta 1991)

Formerly Associate Professor of History, Rhode Island College


Jennifer Sheridan Moss (Ph.D. Columbia, 1990)

Dissertation published: Columbia Papyri IX : the Vestis militaris Codex (Atlanta 1998)

Associate Professor of Classics, Wayne State University



Michael G. Peachin (Ph.D. Columbia, 1983)

Dissertation published: Roman Imperial Titulature and Chronology, A.D. 235-284 (Amsterdam 1990)

Professor of Classics, New York University<>


David M. Ratzan (Ph.D. Columbia, 2011)

Dissertation: Contract Norms and Contract Enforcement in Graeco-Roman Egypt

Lecturer in Classics, Columbia University <>


Giovanni R. Ruffini (Ph.D. Columbia, 2005)

Dissertation published: Social Networks in Byzantine Egypt (Cambridge 2008)

Associate Professor of History, Fairfield University<>


Timothy M. Teeter (Ph.D. Columbia, 1989)

Dissertation published: Columbia Papyri XI (Atlanta 1998)

Associate Professor of History, Georgia Southern University<>


Glen L. Thompson (Ph.D. Columbia, 1990)

Dissertation: The Earliest Papal Correspondence (publication forthcoming)

Professor of History, Wisconsin Lutheran College<>


Henry J. Watkin (Ph.D. Columbia, 1988)

Dissertation: The Development of Cities in Cyprus from the Archaic to the Roman Period

Associate Director of Admission, New School


Susan Wessel (Ph.D. Columbia, 2000)

Dissertation published:  Cyril of Alexandria and the Nestorian Controversy: The Making of a Saint and of a Heretic (Oxford 2004)

Assistant Professor of Church History and Historical Theology, Catholic University of America<>


A. Books

1. Death and Taxes: Ostraka in the Royal Ontario Museum I (Am.Stud.Pap. 10, Toronto 1971) (with A.E. Samuel, A.K. Bowman and W.K. Hastings)

2. The Administration of the Ptolemaic Possessions outside Egypt (Columbia Stud.Class.Trad. 4, Leiden 1976)

3. Ostraka in Amsterdam Collections (Stud.Amst. 9, Zutphen 1976) (with P.J. Sijpesteijn and K.A. Worp)

4. Ostraka in the Royal Ontario Museum II (Am.Stud.Pap. 15, Toronto 1976) (with A.E. Samuel)

5. The Florida Ostraka: Documents from the Roman Army in Upper Egypt (GRBM 7, Durham, NC 1976)

6. The Chronological Systems of Byzantine Egypt (Stud.Amst. 8, Zutphen 1978) (with K.A. Worp)

7. Checklist of Editions of Greek Papyri and Ostraca (BASP Suppl. 1, Missoula 1978) (with J.F. Oates and W.H. Willis)

8. Regnal Formulas in Byzantine Egypt (BASP Suppl. 2, Missoula 1979) (with K.A. Worp)

9. Columbia Papyri VII: Fourth Century Documents from Karanis (Am.Stud.Pap. 20, Missoula 1980) (with N. Lewis)

10. Greek Ostraka: A Catalogue of the Collection of Greek Ostraka in the National Museum of Antiquities at Leiden with a Chapter on the Greek Ostraka in the Papyrological Institute of the University of Leiden (Coll. Nat.Mus.Antiq. Leiden 4, Zutphen 1980) (with P.J. Sijpesteijn and K.A. Worp)

11. Greek Historical Documents: The Hellenistic Period (Chico 1981) (with P.S. Derow)

12. Checklist of Editions of Greek Papyri and Ostraca, 3rd edition (BASP Suppl. 4, Atlanta 1985) (with J.F. Oates, W.H. Willis, and K.A. Worp)

13. Currency and Inflation in Fourth Century Egypt (BASP Suppl. 5, Atlanta 1985)

14. Consuls of the Later Roman Empire (APA Philological Monographs 36, Atlanta 1987) (with Alan Cameron, Seth R. Schwartz, and K.A. Worp)

15. Columbia Papyri VIII (Am.Stud.Pap. 28, Atlanta 1990) (with T. T. Renner and K.A. Worp)

16. Checklist of Editions of Greek and Latin Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets, 4th ed. (BASP Suppl. 7, Atlanta 1992) (with J.F. Oates, W.H. Willis and K.A. Worp)

17. Egypt in Late Antiquity (Princeton 1993; paperback 1996)

18. The Demography of Roman Egypt (Cambridge 1994) (with Bruce W. Frier)

19. Reading Papyri, Writing Ancient History (London 1995)

20. Columbia Papyri X (American Studies in Papyrology 34, 1996) (with Dirk Obbink)

21. The Census Register P.Oxy. 984: The Reverse of Pindar's Paeans (Papyrologica Bruxellensia 29, Brussels 1997) (with B. W. Frier and I. C. Rutherford)

22. The Kellis Agricultural Account Book (P.Kell. IV Gr.96) (Dakhleh Oasis Project Monographs 7, Oxford 1997)

23. Documents from Berenike I: Ostraka from the 1997 and 1998 Seasons (Pap.Brux. 31, Brussels 2000), with Christina Helms and Arthur Verhoogt

24. Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets, 5th ed. (BASP Suppl. 9, Oakville, Ct. 2001) (with J. F. Oates et al.)

25. Later Roman Egypt: Society, Religion, Economy and Administration (Variorum Collected Studies, Aldershot 2003)

26. The Hellenistic Period: Historical Sources in Translation, 2nd ed. (Oxford 2004) (with P. S. Derow)

27. Chronological Systems of Byzantine Egypt, 2nd ed. (Leiden 2003) (with K. A. Worp)

28. Documents from Berenike II: Texts from the 1999-2001 Seasons (Pap.Brux. 33, Brussels 2005), with Christina Helms and Arthur Verhoogt

29. Women's Letters from Ancient Egypt, 300 BC-AD 800 (Ann Arbor 2006) (with R. Cribiore)

30. Hellenistic and Roman Egypt: Sources and Approaches (Variorum Collected Studies, Aldershot 2006)

31. The Demography of Roman Egypt, 2nd edition with addenda (Cambridge 2006) (with Bruce W. Frier)

32. Leggere i papiri, scrivere la storia antica, trans. N. Aravecchia (Rome 2007) (translation of A19)

33. Reading Papyri, Writing Ancient History (Shanghai 2007) [Chinese translation of A19].

34. Livres chrétiens antiques d’Égypte (École Pratique des Hautes Études, Hautes Études du monde gréco-romain 44, Geneva 2009).

35. Early Christian Books in Egypt (Princeton 2009).

36. Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East (Berkeley 2010)

37. A Sixth Century Tax Register from the Hermopolite Nome (Durham, NC 2011) (with J. G. Keenan and L. MacCoull)

38. Amheida I. Ostraka from Trimithis, volume 1 (New York 2012) (with G. R. Ruffini)

39. Arabic translation of Reading Papyri, Writing Ancient History (Alexandria 2011 [2013])

 40. Eine Wüstenstadt. Leben und Kultur in einer ägyptischen Oase im 4. Jahrhundert n. Chr. (Stuttgart 2013)

 41. An Oasis City, New York 2015 (with N. Aravecchia, R. Cribiore, P. Davoli, S. McFadden, and O. E. Kaper)

42. Amheida 3. Ostraka from Trimithis, volume 2 (New York 2016) (with R. Ast)

 43. Graffiti from the Basilica in the Agora of Smyrna, New York, 2016 (with R. Casagrande-Kim, A. Ersoy, and C. Tanriver)


B. Contributions to Books

1. To Oxyrhynchus Papyri XXXVIII (London 1971) nos. 2874-2877

2. To Collectanea Papyrologica: Texts Published in Honor of H.C. Youtie II (Pap.Texte Abh. 20, Bonn 1976)

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C. Books Edited

1. Proceedings of the XVI International Congress of Papyrology (American Studies in Papyrology 23, Chico, CA 1981)

2. Studies in Roman Law in Memory of A. Arthur Schiller (Columbia Studies in the Classical Tradition 13, Leiden 1986)

3. Essays and Texts in Honor of J. David Thomas (American Studies in Papyrology 42, 2001) (with Traianos Gagos)

4. Egypt from Alexander to the Copts: An Archaeological and Historical Guide (London 2004) (with Dominic Rathbone)

5. Egypt in the Byzantine World, 300-700 (Cambridge 2007)

6. Hellenistic Egypt, by J. Bingen (Edinburgh 2007)

7. Papyri in Memory of P. J. Sijpesteijn (American Studies in Papyrology 40, 2007) (Assistant Editor)

8. The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology (New York 2009)

9. Encyclopedia of Ancient History ,13 vols. and electronic edition (Oxford 2012) (with K. Brodersen et al.)

10. Egypt from Alexander to the Copts: An Archaeological and Historical Guide, 2nd revised ed., Cairo, 2016 (with Dominic Rathbone)


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