Soto Receives Academic Assistantship at the University of Basel in Switzerland

By Maggie Pavao

Graduate Student Irene Soto has accepted a position as an Academic Assistant in the Ancient History Department (Assistenzstelle im Fachbereich Alte Geschichte) at the University of Basel in Switzerland, renewable for up to 6 years. Prof. Sabine Huebner, VRS Alumni 2007-08, is Professor of Ancient History and Head of the Institute of Ancient History at the University of Basel

In this position, Irene will teach one class per semester (Trade, Finances, and Economy in the Hellenistic Period in Fall of 2017), will be in charge of buying books for the department library, and will help out in other academic programs. She will continue her research, including finishing her dissertation on the economic integration of Late Antique Egypt, and plans to expand her research into third-century CE Egyptian numismatics and ceramics.